what is burger king’s royal sauce

What Is Burger King’s Royal Sauce?

Burger King recently introduced some new items on the menu such as the Burger King Royal Crispy Wraps and the Burger King Royal Crispy Chicken both of which consist of a special Royal Sauce. This sauce is not only unique in its name but also has a very unique taste to it that everyone is starting to love.

The new items like the BK Royal Crispy Chicken and BK Royal Crispy Wraps get their distinctive flavor from this special Royal sauce. In this article, we will discuss the composition, ingredients, and flavor of this special sauce in detail.

What Is Burger King’s Royal Sauce?

Burger King’s Royal sauce is a recent addition to the meals at Burger King. This sauce was specially designed for two of the newest products on the menu, which are the Burger King Royal Wraps and the Burger King Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich. This sauce is, however, not sold separately and comes only inside these food items only.

burger king’s royal sauce

What Are the Burger King Royal Sauce Ingredients?

Burger King has not shared the secret recipe of making the Royal Sauce so the exact ingredients are not completely known. All of the ingredients that everyone suspects are in the Royal Sauce are merely educated guesses made from the taste.

The Royal Sauce of Burger King is thought to contain mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, salt, pepper, and spices. It is also thought to have onion powder, garlic powder, sweet tomato, tart vinegar, and flavoring. Other ingredients might include Worcestershire sauce, dill relish or finely chopped pickles, paprika, and Dijon mustard.

There might be some other ingredients in the Royal Sauce as well since no one exactly knows all of the ingredients for the Royal Sauce for sure.

burger king royal sauce ingredients

What Are the Burger King Royal Sauce Flavors?

Burger King’s Royal Sauce is creamy, slightly tangy, a little bit peppery, and has light garlicky undertones. Some people have commented that the sauce has a hint of parmesan. Burger King’s Royal Sauce goes extremely well with the crispy chicken to enhance its flavor.

What Are Some Other Sauces at Burger King?

Burger King offers a variety of options for sauce at the restaurant to complement your food. The sauces at Burger King are Sour Cream Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Extra Hot Sauce, Garlic Sauce, Sweet & Sour Sauce, Ketchup, and Mayonnaise. 

what are some other sauces at burger king

How Many Sauces Can Burger King Give You?

There are no exact amount for the sauces that Burger King can give you when you order food and this quantity varies from location to location as well. Burger King usually gives one sauce for four to six pieces of nuggets. 

Are Sauces Free at Burger King?

Burger King will provide sauces for free with items that come with sauce such as nuggets and onion rings. Other menu items come with sauces but the price of the extra sauce is already included in the menu so it appears free.

are sauces free at burger king

Additional cups of sauce will cost 25 cents each. You can speak to the staff about the quantity of sauce packets beforehand so that you never run out of flavor while enjoying your meal.

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