Burger King Royal Perks

Burger King Royal Perks: Everything You Need to Know

Burger King is one of the most popular fast-food chain restaurants in America. Customer loyalty programs like the Burger King Royal Perks help boost marketing for the restaurant.

Burger King has a special rewards program called the Burger King Royal Perks and verified members enjoy various unique offers through this program such as special discounts and free meals.

In this article, we will go through all of the details of the Burger King Royal Perks program including how to register, how the point system works, how to use the Royal Perks, the benefits of registering for this program, and everything related to this system to get you familiarized with the entire process.

What Are the Burger King Royal Perks?

Burger King’s Royal Perks is a loyalty program where members earn Crowns for their purchases at Burger King and can later redeem these crowns for rewards. For every $1 spent on eligible transactions at participating U.S. Burger King Restaurants, members earn 10 Crowns.

These crowns can then be redeemed to receive rewards such as free food items, discounts, upsizing on orders or fries, fountain drinks, hash browns, or coffee.

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How Do You Become a Royal Perks Member at Burger King?

Royal Perks program is only for the customers who have registered so you will need to register your account on the App or the website to get into this reward program. Anyone can do this very easily by going to the Burger King official website and clicking ‘Sign Up’ or downloading the BK App and creating an account.

Having an account registered on the Burger King website or the Burger King App automatically adds the customer to the Royal Perks program.

How Do You Use Royal Perks?

Using the Royal Perks program is very easy. You get 10 crowns for every dollar you spend at Burger King after you register your account. Every time you order through the website or the app, it automatically adds crowns or points to your account.

You can redeem the points after your account reaches enough crowns to get a free food item. You can also scan the QR code on your receipt from Burger King if you make an in-store purchase without using your account. This will also add crowns to your account.

Members can then redeem these crowns by visiting the “Rewards” menu on the Burger King App or Burger King website and selecting an eligible menu item across the redemption tier list. Customers can then redeem this meal at the nearest restaurants using the 6-digit account code or place an order through the Burger King App or Burger King website.

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What Are the Benefits of Burger King Royal Perks Membership?

Royal Perks memberships come with numerous benefits. Apart from the free meals that the members redeem, they also get to upscale any single order of fries, fountain drinks, hash browns, or coffee every day. The earnings of the crowns double on the birthday month of the customer.

Another benefit of enrolling in the Royal Perks program is that members often get exclusive offers and deals that non-members do not receive.

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