Pink Mamma Paris Restaurant Interior

Pink Mamma Paris: Is It Worth Your Time? (Menu Included)

Bonjour, mon ami! Planning a lovely trip to the Insta-perfect Pink Mamma Paris, are we? Fantastic! Look no further, as today we’ll be the guide to your Pink Mamma experience and cover all you need to know.

Well, Pink Mamma restaurant is undoubtedly a highlighted name on most tourists’ to-do lists. And why wouldn’t it be? The culinary delights, stunning ambiance, and lively location make the Pink Mamma Paris nothing short of a social media haven.

Even more, this iconic restaurant has made quite the hype for itself and has become a must-visit destination in Paris over the years. That’s why we’re here to catch you up on their exquisite menu, interior, and reservation plans so you can plan a memorable dining experience.

So enough with the small talk; let’s dive in headfirst into what Pink Mamma Paris has to offer. Shall we?

Pink Mamma Paris Menu

Now, Pink Mamma Paris is wonderland for those who cherish the culinary delicacies. And that’s no surprise, as it is run by none other than the world-famous Big Mamma Group. With an extensive menu that flexes its culinary skills, there is something delightful to try for your every mood.

Trust us; this fine Italian restaurant won the hearts of countless food lovers for a reason. Their mouthwatering foods aren’t just meant to satisfy your tongue, they fill your heart like French poetry. What’s more, the modern twist on their classic Italian dishes is in a word- ‘Perfetto!’.

Buoni Prodotti, Antipasti Menu

Boost up your appetite mon ami! These starters will lift your soul and leave you craving for more.

Stracciatella Fumée (V)The creamy heart of the burrata, to eat endlessly – Yum!€9.00
Burrata Pappa al Pomodoro (V)250gr Burrata from Puglia, compote of French toast with San Marzano tomatoes and green oil – Chow down.€15.00
Big Burrata (V)250g Burrata, drizzled with green olive oil and basil – Italian perfection!€14.50
Prosciutto di Parma Dop 24 MesiThe unforgettable ham straight from the province of Parma, melting to perfection€9.00
Coppa NostranaA team of thin slices of coppa, straight from the Parma region€9.00
Culatello con GrissiniThe noblest and tastiest part of the ham, served with our gressini made every morning. Straight to Emilia Romana!€11.00
Focaccia (V)The BFF of our buoni prodotti: bits of focaccia to share€3.50
Insalatina di Pomodori (V)Datterini tomato salad, lemon ricotta, red onion, salsa verde, citrus panko breadcrumbs – A vibrant one for vegetarians.€8.50
Focaccia BareseTypical Apulian focaccia, Datterini tomatoes, smoked stracciatella, oregano / Proscuitto di Parma supplement +4€. – A rich blend of textures and flavors.€9.50
Frittatina NapolitanaFried bucatini fritters, béchamel sauce, cooked ham with herbs, provola, bianco beef ragù sauce, nutmeg – A pure comfort food.€10.50
Carpaccio di ManzoBeef carpaccio, scapece-marinated eggplant, almond, mint sour cream, mizuna – Fancy!€12.50

Our Recommendations

  • Burrata Pappa al Pomodoro – This creamy and tangy tomato soup is super uplifting! Can’t afford to miss this one.
  • Culatello con Grissini – Now this is the taste of Italy! Trust us, this one is Italian cuisine at its peak with rich tomato flavor.
  • Frittatina Napolitana – Intense flavors, is fantastic in every sense! The fusion of tastes alongside a rich and creamy texture is simply magnificent.

Primi Piatti Menu

Let’s dig into the first round of these irresistible dishes. Shall we?

Spaghetti all’Arrabbiata (V)Spaghetto, lightly spiced San Marzano and Datterini tomato sauce, fresh chilli and fresh herbs / Smoked stracciatella supplement +€3€15.00
Cappellacci ai PeperoniCappellacci stuffed with salsiccia, ricotta, bell pepper cream, crunchy bell pepper, olive powder€17.00
Risotto alle Zucchine (V)Risotto with zucchini cream, tangy butter, asiago fondue (a typical northern Italian cheese), pecorino crumble and fried zucchini€17.50
Spaghetti ai ScampiSpaghetti, langoustine bisque with Datterino tomato, langoustine tartar, spring onion and lime€27.00
La Fameuse Pâte à la Truffe (V)Mafalde fresche, fresh summer truffle, summer truffle cream, mascarpone and small mushrooms€21.00
Plat BambiniA little portion of pasta only for the cool kids. For the salsa of the day, you can ask our squadra€8.00

Our Recommendations

  • La Fameuse Pâté à la Truffe – One of the popular meals at Pink Mamma Paris, definitely a customer favorite! If you are a pasta lover like us, give it a go without a second thought.
  • Spaghetti ai Scampi – This dish is worth every penny, especially if you are a seafood lover!

Pizza Napoletana Menu

Mammargherita (V)San Marzano tomato sauce, mozza fior di latte, parmigiano basil€13.50
La BufalinaSan Marzano tomato sauce, pecorino, mozza di bufala, prosciutto di Parma, parmigiano, arugula€18.50
Puissance 4 (V)Crème fraîche, mozza fior di latte, gorgonzola from our producer Gelmini, Caciocavallo, parmigiano, black pepper and basil€16.50
Regina InstagramSan Marzano tomato sauce, mozza fior di latte, sautéed button mushrooms, ham cooked with herbs from our producer Branchi (Parma), fresh chives€17.50
Some Like It HotCream of ricotta and pig nduja from our producer Vittorio Calla, mozza fior di latte, spicy pig sausage, tarragon and chilli pepper€15.50
Moment of Truffe (V)Cream of ricotta with summer truffle, mozza fior di latte, pan-fried cooked button mushrooms, fresh summer truffle and fresh herbs€21.00

You can add extra toppings to your pizza with these options for an additional price:

  • Shaved black truffles : €5
  • Stracciatella: €3
  • Taggiasche olives: €2
  • Mushrooms: €2.5
  • Salsiccia Piccante: €3
  • Prosciutto di Parma: €4
  • White ham: €3

Our Recommendations

  • Mammargherita – A classic Italian favorite! This simple yet remarkable pizza is also the best choice for vegetarians without a doubt.
  • Some Like It Hot – Yes, we do! This fiery pizza filled with rich flavors and spices feels like an adventure in your mouth.

Secondi Menu

Ready for the ultimate seconds? Take a look at these enticing meals for those who prefer round an extra dish.

Carpaccio di Pomodori (V)Heirloom tomato carpaccio, smoked stracciatella, candied Datterini tomatoes, citrus breadcrumbs, herb and basil oil€16.00
Bistecca alla GrigliaGrilled flank steak, chimichurri sauce, fleur de sel and rosemary, garlic and rosemary potatoes€23.00
Costata di Manzo per 21.2 kg prime rib of Normandy beef, matured on the bone, fleur de sel and rosemary, chimichurri sauce, garlic and rosemary potatoes€46.00 per person
Prosciutto e MeloneMelon, prosciutto di Parma and basil€18.00
Spiedini di OmbrinaSkewers of marinated and grilled shi drum, herb aioli, spinach, sautéed potatoes€23.00
Pommes de Terre (V)Potatoes with garlic and rosemary€5.00
Salade de Sucrine (V)Sucrine salad with beet sprouts and vinaigrette€5.00

Our Recommendations

  • Bistecca alla Griglia – No surprise here! Pink Mamma Paris breeds corn-fed cows to bring in the best tender meat for their dishes. And that’s the secret behind their heavenly steaks. Trust us, you’ll savor every last bite.
  • Carpaccio di Pomodori – Not a fan of the meat? No worries. This mouthwatering dish is the bohemian rhapsody for vegetarians. With each mouthful, it’ll leave you craving for more!

Dolci Menu

Care for something sweet? Check out these desserts for a sweet happy ending to your meal!

Il TigramisùThe great classic della casa with its touch of marsala€8.50
Crème Brûlée XLCrème brûlée XL with organic vanilla, hazelnut praline base€14.00
Choco Clap ClapInimitable dark and milk chocolate tart, salted butter caramel, coffee and hazelnut crunchy praline, mascarpone whipped cream€9.00
Melba BellaWhite and yellow peaches poached with vanilla, blood peach sorbet, raspberry coulis, mascarpone chantilly and almond crumble on top€9.50
Strawberry Fever (V)Cup of fresh strawberries marinated in lemon, ultra light vegan whipped cream€8.50
Drew Berry-MoreYogurt gelato, extra-light whipped cream, fresh red berries, red berry coulis and oat crumble€9.50

Our Recommendations

  • Il Tigramisu – One of the finest Tiramisu you’ll taste! This Pink Mamma house special is a customer favorite for a reason.
  • Melba Bella – A top-notch summer dessert you can’t miss at all costs! If you are a fruit fanatic then voila! You are in for a divine treat.

Caffè e Love Menu

Flat White€5.00
Thé Noir du Rwanda “Kinihira” (30cl)€4.00
Thé Vert de Chine “Long Tseng Bio” (30cl)€4.00
Thé Blanc de Chine “Pai Mu Tan” (30cl)€4.00
Thé Rouge “Rooibos Nature” (30cl)€4.00
Infusion Big Meme (30cl)€4.00
Infusion Fruits Rouges (30cl)€4.00

Our Recommendations

  • Cappuccino – Don’t miss the poetic experience of enjoying a cup of cappuccino in one of the most iconic Parisian restaurants.

Cocktails Menu

Want to add a tasty alcoholic refreshment with your order? Don’t think twice with their cocktail menu offering a variety of sweet options.

Bellini Spritz (35cl)Prosecco di Valdobbiadene wine, white peach purée, raspberries€10.00
Itsi Bitsi Gin Toni’Mare gin, elderflower liqueur, watermelon, Schweppes premium mixers tonic water, roses€14.00
Pineapple NegroniWhisky Buffalo Trace infused with pineapple and fave tonka, Cocchi storico vermouth, Campari bitter, orange€12.00
PalomammaTequila El Jimador blanco, Campari bitter, basil, lime, Schweppes premium mixers grapefruit€12.00
French TouchCitadelle gin, Champagne Épicurien, elderflower liqueur, raspberries, cucumber and yellow lemon€15.00
Espresso Banoffee (15cl)Skyy vodka, Fair cafe, banana, Greek yogurt, semi-salted butter, maple syrup€12.00
Peels GoodRhum Planteray 3 étoiles, rhum Planteray Original Dark, banane, maracuja, orgeat, citron vert, fruits de la passion, tabasco€12.00
CocoladaRhum Planteray 3 stars, rhum Neisson blanc, mango, coconut cream, cardamom€12.00

Our Recommendations

  • Palomamma – Perfect for tequila lovers! What else can we say? Drink and taste the wildness in your mouth.

Virgin Cocktails Menu

No alcohol? No problem! Try these delicious non-alcoholic beverages from their virgin cocktail selection.

Fully Monada (40cl)Citron jaune, camomille, fraise, eau pétillante€6.00
Super Glow (40cl)Alcohol-free spirits JNPR, coconut water, cranberry€7.50
Killer Colada (40cl)Pineapple, coconut cream with turmeric, orange and lime€7.50
Bellini & Rosemary (25cl)White peach purée, raspberries, rosemary soda, sparkling apple juice€8.00

Our Recommendations

  • Killer Colada – For a tropical twist on a classic favorite, try this tasty drink all for just €7.50.

Vini et Tutti Quanti Menu

Fancy some wine? Below is a breakdown of Pink Mamma Paris exquisite wine selection.

Les Blancs – White Wine

Grillo D.O.C. 2021*, Corte Ca’ Mari (15cl)Fresh and slightly aromatic, the perfetto balances between fruity and floral notes. / SICILIA€28.00
Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie D.O.C. 2022, Corvezzo (BIO)The naughtiest of Venetian wines. / VENETO€7.50 / €28.00
Vermentino D.O.C, Olianas 2022, Olianas (BIO)The authentic expression of Sardinia, born of vinification in amphora and maceration on skins to give it its beautiful golden colour. / SARDEGNA€39.00
Falanghina Del Sannio D.O.C. 2022, La Fortezza (BIO)Easy as the day, straigt from the province of Naples. / CAMPANIA€8.50 / €34.00
Chardonnay Toscana I.G.T., Quarto Di Luna 2022* A golden color with sparkling highlights, a breath of fresh air / TENUTA SAN JACOPO€42.00
Puglia Bianco I.G.T., Mons Roni Cannitum 2021, Cantina Giara (BIO)An intense jewel, with notes of yellow fruit, straight from Puglia. Natural, it knows how to surprise… / PUGLIA€59.00
Frascati Superiore D.O.C.G., 496 2022, De Sanctis (BIO)A wine for dinners with friends, to match our buoni prodotti. / LAZIO€10.00 / €45.00
Catarratto Terre Siciliane I.G.P 2022*, Bosco Falconeria (75cl)The little Sicilian vitamin cure you’ve been waiting for: a wine bursting with sunshine, fresh and well-balanced. / SICILIA€49.00
Sauvignon Trentino D.O.C., Vigna Cantanghel 2023*, Maso Cantanghel (75cl)Fresh and well-structured, its intense, floral nose develops into planty, herbal and mineral notes. / ALTO ADIGE€12.00 / €54.00
Pigato Rivera Ligure di Ponente D.O.C, Essenza 2022*, Bio VioThe gentle warmth of Liguria, salt spray from the sea, a superb organically-farmed wine / LIGURIA€65.00
Pietrabianca Castel Del Monte D.O.C. 2022, Tormaresca-Antinori (75cl)First-rate balance. Perfect for wine-lovers who like their wine dry, but never austere or brittle. / PUGLIA€72.00
Etna D.O.C., A Puddara 2021, Tenuta di Fessina (BIO)Looking for something intense and structured? Broom, honey, fruit and Etna lava stone. Et voila! / SICILIA€98.00
Verdicchio Riserva Castelli di Jesi D.O.C.G., San Paolo 2022, Pievalta (BIO)This 230-hectare estate overlooks the Cingoli countryside and has always been known as the Balcony of the Marches. / MARCHE€86.00
Rossj Bass Langhe D.O.C. 2021, Gaja Character, elegance, freshness. A guaranteed favourite. / PIEMONTE€135.00
Cervaro Della Sala Umbria I.G.T 2022, Castello Della Sala (75cl)An elegant, lively, textured wine with impressive aromas and plenty of nuance. A true gentleman. / TOSCANA€149.00

Les Rosés

Rosato Terre Siciliane I.G.T 2022, Collina Delle Rose (BIO)Pow chicka pow pow! Pomegranate and pink grapefruit, lovely fruitiness and acidity. / SICILIA€25.00
Bardolino Chiaretto D.O.C, 2022*, Montresor (75cl)The rosé for reunions with friends. Cheers, friends! / VENETO€7.50 / €31.00

Les Pétillants

Lambrusco Reggiano I.G.P., Memoria D’Oro Nm, Memoria D’Oro (BIO)The ultimate Italian sparkling red wine, fruity and wild, so fresh so sex. / MEDICI ERMETE€24.00
Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G. Nm, Corvezzo (BIO)Bubbles with fruity and floral flavours, it’s prosecco time! / VENETO€7.50 / €31.00
Franciacorta D.O.C.G., Golf 1927 Nm, Barone Pizzini (BIO)A supple roundness with a racy vivacity and fruity, delicate aromas. It’s simple, it’s fine and it’s a pleasure to drink. / LOMBARDIA€54.00
Champagne A.O.C., L’Epicurien Nm, R. Gerbeaux (15cl)Champagne approved by Epicure himself. / CHAMPAGNE€14.50 / €69.00
Moscato D’Asti D.O.C.G., Andar Per Vigne 2022, Vallebelbo (BIO)Soft, light and round, with flavours of orange blossom, lychee and exotic fruit. For Victor, “If I had to pick just one bottle, it would be this one”. / PIEMONTE€7.50 / €31.00

Les Rouges

Nero D’Avola D.O.C. 2022, Cappanera (BIO)The symbol of authentic Sicily, with a ruby red colour and a bouquet of fresh fruit. / SICILIA€29.00
Valpolicella Classico 2023*, Tenuta Pule (75cl)A great red from the terroir, generous but not excessive, a guaranteed success. / VENETO€7.50 / €31.00
Primitivo I.G.T. 2021*, ZulloThe kind of wine that makes love to you. Smooth, full, velvety, with notes of ripe red fruit. / PUGLIA€8.50 / €34.00
Montepulciano D.O.C, Villa Regis 2022, Cascina del Colle (BIO)A MUST, splendido splendente. / ABRUZZO€39.00
Barbera D’Asti D.O.C.G, Fiulot 2022, Prunotto (75cl)Full-bodied, with notes of red fruit: you’ll blush for this wine. / PIEMONTE€42.00
Carignano Del Sulcis D.O.C. 2022*, La RocciosaElegant notes of black cherry, blueberry and plum, dense and structured on the palate with a touch of roundness. / SARDEGNA€10.00 / €45.00
Bolgheri D.O.C 2021*, Michele SattaAutonomous and full of character – an almost exotic red wine from the noble Bolgheri DOC appellation. / TOSCANA€49.00
Langhe Nebbiolo D.O.C. 2022, Fratelli Barale (BIO)Powerful and generous, this great all-Nebbiolo wine is a modern, joyful interpretation of the Piedmontese king of grapes. / PIEMONTE€12.00 / €54.00
Cannonau di Sardegna D.O.C, Mamhutone 2020, Giuseppe Sedilesu (BIO)The flagship wine of Giuseppe and Grazia Sedilesu’s cellar, this wine fully expresses all the typical characteristics of Cannonau di Mamoiada: clearly Mediterranean aromas and notes that open up to a taste of extraordinary depth. / SARDEGNA€59.00
Barbaresco D.O.C.G, Riserva Spezie 2015, Vite Colte The noble wine of great senators, with tannin, strength and character! / PIEMONTE€68.00
Barolo D.O.C.G., Comune La Morra 2020, Marcarini (BIO)Intense garnet-red, its rich, concentrated structure is so beautifully elegant. / PIEMONTE€72.00
Brunello di Montalcino D.O.C.G. 2019*, Col d’Orcia (75cl)A crazy wine, long, elegant and tasty on the palate with spicy notes. / TOSCANA€79.00
Amarone Della Valpolicella D.O.C.G. 2021, Domini Veneti (BIO)Notes of dried red fruit, tobacco and spices and an intense flavour with tannins of pure silk. Stunning! / VENETO€86.00
Etna Rosso D.O.C.G, Il Musmeci 2019, Tenuta di Fessina (BIO)Fresh and mineral, as surprising as it is thirst-quenching. / SICILIA€98.00
Barbaresco D.O.C.G. 2020, Produttori del BarbarescoThe Madonna of Piedmont wines: good wines lovers, you’re at the right place. / PIEMONTE€104.00
Guidalberto Toscana I.G.T 2020, Tenuta San Guido (75cl)Fratellino de la Sassicaia, a legendary Tuscan wine, with the same elegance and class. / TOSCANA€116.00
Chianti Classico Riserva 2022, Marchesi Antinori The Galardi estate, run by the Catella and Murenna families, grows two indigenous grape varieties (aglianico and piedirosso) on 10 hectares at an altitude of 400 metres. Their wines are sought-after for their traditional production and their faithful expression of the Campania terroir. / TOSCANA€135.00
Montevertine Toscana I.G.T. 2019*, Montevertine (75cl)A family-run business that rejects international grape varieties in favour of an assiduous celebration of its terroir. The vines are grown according to biodynamic principles, without seeking certification. / TOSCANA€157.00
Chianti Classico Riserva 2022, Marchesi AntinoriThe Galardi estate, run by the Catella and Murenna families, grows two indigenous grape varieties (aglianico and piedirosso) on 10 hectares at an altitude of 400 metres. Their wines are sought-after for their traditional production and their faithful expression of the Campania terroir. / TOSCANA€135.00
Turriga Isola dei Nuraghi I.G.T. 2018, ArgiolasAn obscure, fleshy red, imbued with toasty notes, leather, tobacco and black berries. / SARDEGNA€181.00
Lupicaia, Toscana I.G.T. 2016, Castello del TerriccioEin Wein, der eine atemberaubende Performance abliefert. Der Legende nach wird er am Broadway umschwärmt. / TOSCANA€205.00
Amarone della Valpolicella D.O.C.G. 2012, BertaniGarnet-red in colour, with an intense nose of black fruit that gives way to slightly more full-bodied notes of tobacco. / VENETO€238.00
Barbaresco D.O.C.G. 2001, Gaja (75cl)€347.00

Birre Artigianali Menu

Fancy a brew? Order from their beer menu with a select choice of beer options.

Blonde€4.50 / €8.00
Paname / Blanche (33cl)White twisted with hop notes, to drink chilled.€6.00
Paname / Blonde (33cl)A fatal blonde, slightly hoppy, the beer of thirst and pleasure.€6.00
Paname / IPA (33cl)A hint of citrus, a slightly bitter finish. The new classic.€6.00

Bibite Fresche Menu

Sanbitter (10cl)€4.00
Lurisia (27,5cl)Chinotto / Orange Soda€5.00
Schweppes (20cl)Ginger beer / Ginger Ale / Tonic Touch of Lime / Tonic Pomelo / Tonic Hibiscus€5.00
Coca-cola / Zero (25cl)€5.00
Crodino (10cl)€4.00
Acqua Panna (75cl)€6.50
San Pellegrino (50cl / 1L)€6.50
Citronnade Classique (25cl)Sweet / medium sweet / not sweet€5.00
Perrier (33cl)€4.50
Jus de Fruit (20cl)Apple / Peach€5.00
Eau et Sirop au Choix (25cl)Grenadine / peach / mint / orgeat / strawberry / lemon€3.00

Alcool, Digestivi, Grappe Menu

Take a look at the impressive variety of alcoholic drinks featured below!


Bombay Sapphire (4cl)Steam infusion of various plants€8.00
Del Professore Monsieur (4cl)Juniper, lavender, angelica, rose, chamomile, Italy€12.00
Del Professore Madame (4cl)Herbaceous, mentholated, hint of juniper, final note of vanilla, Italy€12.00
Hendrick’s (4cl)Handcraft, infused with rose petals and cucumber, Scotland€10.00
Mare (4cl)Notes of thyme, basil, rosemary, and arbequina, Spain€11.00
Monkey 47 (4cl)No less than 47 ingredients, developed by micro cuvées, Germany€14.00
Plymouth (4cl)Juniper, coriander seeds, orange and lemon zest, angelica, England€8.00
Plymouth Sloe Gin (4cl)Plymouth Gin infused with sloes, England€8.00
Tanqueray (4cl)London Dry Gin, balanced and classic, England€8.00
Tanqueray Ten (4cl)Distilled in small quantities in still No. 10, England€11.00


Belvedere (4cl)A light vanilla scent and subtle rye aromas, Poland€12.00
Grey Goose (4cl)Cereals, five-step distillation, addition of Gensac water, France€12.00
Ketel One (4cl)Cereals, distilled three times at the Nolet distillery in Schiedam, Netherlands€12.00


Cuatro Gallos Puro Italia (4cl)Fruity and floral notes, honeyed-wine tones, Peru€8.00


Nuestra Soledad (4cl)Aromas of citrus, flowers, orange, chamomile and honey, Mexico€10.00


Altos ReposadoAged 6 to 8 months in American whiskey barrels, Mexico€9.00
Altos BlancoCrafted using the traditional Tahona stone, Mexico€8.00
Don Julio Blanco (4cl)A tequila made 100% from blue agaves harvested by hand. The aromas of citrus and vanilla are very pleasant. Mexico€13.00
Patron SilverThis Patron tequila offers a rich aromatic bouquet with notes of vanilla and pineapple. The bottle is handcrafted and numbered. Mexico€12.00


Magnifica Traditional (4cl)Fruity and soft. Pear, honey, jalapeño, fresh herbs. Mexico€8.00


Bacardi Carta Blanca (4cl)Light notes of vanilla, almond, and tropical fruits, Cuba€7.00
Clairin Le RocherIndeed, this one was made using sugarcane syrup obtained by harvesting three different varieties of cane. It is therefore a molasses rum for which the bottling was carried out ‘Cask Strength’.€12.00
Clairin Selection Big Mamma (4cl)The Rock, aged 21 months in bourbon barrels, Haiti€12.00
Diplomatico Mantuano (4cl)Is a unique blend of rums aged up to eight years in white oak barrels, ex-bourbon and malt whisky casks. Venezuela€9.00
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva (4cl)Is a rum with great sweetness. Very easy to drink. Venezuela€11.00
Don Papa 7 Ans (4cl)Aged in bourbon barrels for 7 years this rum overflows with indulgence with lovely vanilla and fruity notes. Philippines€11.00
Havana Club 3 Ans (4cl)Aged in white oak barrels, Cuba€8.00
Havana Club 7 Ans (4cl)Aged 7 years in oak barrels, Cuba€10.00
Plantation Belize 2009 Selection Big Mamma (4cl)Aged in cherry wood barrels, Belize€13.00
Plantation Guyana 2008 Selection Big Mamma (4cl)Aged in chestnut and acacia barrels, Guyana€15.00
Trois Rivieres Selection Big MammaAgricultural with a salty taste, unaged, Martinique€8.00
Wray et Nephew (4cl)Aromas of coconut, passion fruit and banana. Jamaica€9.00
Zacapa 23 (4cl)Interlacing of honey, caramel and spiced oak, Guatemala€15.00


Amrut Indian Single Malt (4cl)Spices and ripe fruits, aged in ex-bourbon barrels, India€11.00
Ardbeg 5 Ans Wee Beastie (4cl)Aged 5 years in Bourbon and Sherry Oloroso casks to retain all the smoky intensity. Scotland€14.00
Bulleit BourbonAtypical bourbon with a drier and less sweet character. United States€9.00
Bulleit RyeA rye whiskey with a spicy and complex character. United States€10.00
Johnnie Walker Black Label (4cl)A complex, fruity and slightly peaty whisky. Scotland€8.00
Kavalan Single Malt of 40% (4cl)Rich notes of butterscotch and vanilla, Taiwan€15.00
Laphroaig Single Malt 10 Years Old (4cl)A very beautiful malt that is immediately recognizable on the first nose. Scotland€13.00
Macallan 12 Ans Fine Oak (4cl)Expresses complex aromas of heather honey as well as notes of fruit, oak and spices. Scotland€15.00
Nikka From The Barrel (4cl)Blend of single malts Miyagikyo and Yoichi, Japan€14.00
Puni Alba (4cl)Aged for more than 3 years in Pinot Nero barrels from the Tyrol region, notes of ripe fruit, orange biscuits, dates, sweet spices. Italy€18.00
Puni Nova (4cl)Aged 30 months in bourbon barrels, Italy€18.00
Puni Sole (4cl)Aged 2 years in Pedro Ximenez casks that age according to the Solera system, Italy€18.00
Teeling Single Grain (4cl)Matured in California Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. Enough to give it a creamy and pastry profile. Ireland€11.00

Armagnac/Bas Armagnac

Gelas 21 Ans (4cl)Notes of oranges, flavors of undergrowth with a candied finish, France€13.00

Cognac – Armagnac – Calvados

H By NineEaux-de-vie from Grande and Petite Champagne, France€10.00
Capovilla Pere WilliamsHigher in alcohol than the usual versions, it is exceptionally rich in the mouth. Italy€18.00

Aperitivo and Vermouth

Aperol (6cl)Made with bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb, and cinchona. Italy€6.00
Campari (6cl)Bitter aperitif scented with orange peel. Italy€6.00
Carpano Bianco (6cl)The aromas and flavors turn to Christmas cake, sweet/spicy and vanilla extract. Italy€6.00
Carpano Antica Formula (6cl)Has an unparalleled complexity and finesse, made from wine and 30 varieties of spices and herbs. Italy€8.00
Carpano Classico (6cl)Intense aromas of citrus and vanilla. Italy€6.00
Carpano Dry (6cl)The absinthe used in the products is grown in Italy and harvested in unpolluted mountainous areas. Italy€6.00
Carpano Punt e Mess (6cl)A sweet point, a half-bitter point. Italy€6.00
Martini Bianco (6cl)Presence of white vanilla flowers. A combination of plants with sweet and floral spice flavors, it reveals a character that is both sweet, silky and delicate. Italy€6.00
Martini Rosso (6cl)Sweet-bitter profile combined with vegetal aromas. Italy€6.00
Noilly Prat Original Dry (6cl)Chamomile, coriander from Morocco, bitter oranges from Tunisia, or iris roots from Italy. France€6.00
Pastis 51 (6cl)Delicate natural aromas of anise for incomparable freshness. A classic with sweet southern flavors. France€6.00
Ricard (6cl)Fresh and vegetal notes, dominated by the freshness of anise then the sweetness of licorice. France€6.00
Select (6cl)A unique bitter offered by the historic inhabitants of Venice. Italy€6.00
Suze (6cl)Wild gentian scent distilling a delicate bitterness. France€6.00


Absinthe Pernod (4cl)Distinguished by its finesse, freshness, and complexity. France€10.00
Amaretto di Saronno (4cl)Liqueur with fresh almond flavors. Italy€6.00
Disaronno Velvet (4cl)Liqueur with fresh almond flavors. Italy€6.00
Baczewski OrzechowkaHazelnut-flavored vodka. It is based on triple-distilled potato alcohol. Poland€6.00
Baileys (4cl)Is a blend of Irish whiskey, fresh cream, cocoa, and vanilla. Ireland€6.00
Cointreau (4cl)Marriage of sweet and bitter orange peels. France€6.00
Frangelico (4cl)Delicate flavors of hazelnuts, vanilla, and dark chocolate. Italy€6.00
Grand Marnier (4cl)These oranges, handpicked when their skin is still green, offer a maximum concentration of fragrance, aged in oak barrels. France€6.00
Italicus (4cl)A perfect balance between fresh citrus and the light and floral bitterness of spices such as rose and lavender. Italy€6.00
Kahlua (4cl)With a chocolate brown color, it offers intense sweet and sour aromas of coffee beans, roasted chestnuts, and a multitude of flavors of black coffee and sweet butter. Mexico€6.00
Limoncello Maschio (4cl)A Mediterranean liqueur made by infusing lemon zest in alcohol. Intense yellow color, with a powerful and typically lemony aroma, limoncello is a refreshing drink. Italy€5.00
Luxardo Maraschino (4cl)Made from marasca cherry variety, aged two years in large vats, with honey and sugar. Italy€6.00
Merlet Creme de Cassis de Saintonge (4cl)Bold spices, notes of mint, tobacco, and pepper. France€6.00
Merlet Creme de Fraise des Bois (4cl)Made from wild strawberry varieties. France€6.00
Merlet Creme de Mure Sauvage (4cl)The smoothness in the mouth is pleasant and sweet. France€6.00
Merlet Creme de Peche de Vigne (4cl)The richness and subtlety of peach in a cream. France€6.00
Merlet Creme de Poire Williams (4cl)A fruit cream of great finesse. France€6.00
Picon (4cl)Fruity aromas and more complex notes thanks to its original blend of orange peel and plants€6.00
Quaglia Bergamotto (4cl)Made from fresh bergamot juice and zest, vanilla pods, but also grapefruit juice. Italy€7.00
Quaglia Camomilla (4cl)Chamomile liqueur, very complex and quite milky, is marked by notes of chamomile and acacia honey. Italy€7.00
Quaglia Chinotto (4cl)Small bitter oranges with blood orange juice. Italy€7.00
Saint Germain (4cl)Made from wild elderflowers hand-picked in Europe. France€7.00
Sambuca Molinari (4cl)Italian aniseed liqueur. Italy€7.00


Branca Menta (4cl)This mentholated version is natural and refreshing. Italy€6.00
Fernet Branca (4cl)Alcohol-based spirit with an infusion of more than 40 plants and aromatic herbs. Italy€6.00
Chartreuse Jaune (4cl)Is sweet and mellow. France€7.00
Chartreuse Vert (4cl)Barrel developed from 1764. Produced from plants and roots by two monks. France€7.00
Cynar (4cl)Based on herbs and plants, including artichoke, which gives it its name. Italy€6.00
Montenegro (4cl)An amaro made from various plants, herbs, spices, citrus fruits, flowers, and some secret ingredients. Italy€6.00
Nardini Il Mezzo e Mezzo (4cl)Sweet, bitter, and herbal, Mezzoemezzo is an expert blend of Nardini Rosso and Nardini Rabarbaro. Italy€7.00
Nardini Rabarbaro (4cl)Possesses a unique taste of caramelized fruits, with vegetal and resinous notes of rhubarb. Italy€7.00
Nardini Tagliatella (4cl)A perfect balance of sweet and bitter flavors dominated by cherry juice and a hint of lemon and summer fruits. Italy€7.00
Pimms (4cl)Gin, fruit juices, and spices. Scotland€6.00
Ramazzotti (4cl)This Italian bitter is an ode to a fruit: the orange. Italy€6.00


Jacopo Poli Sassicaia (4cl)Wood, vanilla, cocoa, coffee, licorice, complex taste, structured, majestic. Schiavon, Italy€18.00
Jacopo Poli Sarpa Oro (4cl)Cabernet and Merlot aged in small 225-liter French oak barrels. Schiavon, Italy€10.00
Nardini Grappa Bianca (4cl)Bassano del Grappa, Veneto€8.00

Pink Mamma Paris Ambiance

Even with the luxurious Italian cuisine, Pink Mamma is about more than just about the food. It’s an immersive experience that you can cherish in the days to come. Trust us, Pink Mamma Paris is all about the art!

This lively trattoria has four floors filled with dreamy interiors. The eye-catching staircase decorated with artistic pictures everywhere has made its way into social media countless times. Not to mention, the Instagram-famous rooftop with the breathtaking glass ceiling that bathes the room with tender light. Just picture having a savory meal in an enchanting room with a bright view of the Parisian sky. That my friend is the Pink Mamma for you!

Want some more? Make sure to check out the hidden gem in the restaurant’s basement. That’s right! Pink Mamma has this secret speakeasy cocktail bar ‘No Entry‘ which is a feast for the eyes. The divine combination of fiery red aesthetics and one-of-a-kind cocktails is soul-sooting in every way.

As if that wasn’t enough, Pink Mamma restaurant is situated in a lively location in Pigalle. So, if you are planning to visit the Sacré-Coeur Basilica or catch the legendary Moulin Rouge cabaret, then you are in luck! Both of them are within walking distance from the Pink Mamma Paris.

Pink Mamma Paris Reservations

Well, Pink Mamma Paris can get quite crowded during vacation times since it has become quite the sensation for tourists. So we recommend reserving in advance, especially if you are not going alone!

Reservations for Pink Mamma Paris can be made online up to 30 days in advance for groups of 2-7 people. On the other hand, reservations open 37 days in advance for a group of 8 or more. Feel free to check out Pink Mamma’s reservations for more details.

Pink Mamma Paris Hours of Operation

Here is a table with the lunch and dinner services of Pink Mamma Paris:

DayLunch ServicesDinner Service
Monday12:00 PM – 2:15 PM6:45 PM – 10:45 PM
Tuesday12:00 PM – 2:15 PM6:45 PM – 10:45 PM
Wednesday12:00 PM – 2:15 PM6:45 PM – 10:45 PM
Thursday12:00 PM – 2:15 PM6:45 PM – 11:00 PM
Friday12:00 PM – 2:15 PM6:45 PM – 11:00 PM
Saturday12:00 PM – 4:15 PM6:15 PM – 11:00 PM
Sunday12:00 PM – 4:15 PM6:15 PM – 10:45 PM

What Time Does Pink Mamma Paris Open?

Pink Mamma Paris opens its doors at 12:00 PM every day of the week. This vibrant restaurant in Pigalle welcomes guests starting from noon, ensuring they can enjoy their delightful lunch service promptly at midday.

What Time Does Pink Mamma Paris close?

Pink Mamma Paris wraps up its dinner service at 10:45 PM from Sunday to Wednesday. However, from Thursdays to Saturday, the restaurant stays open a bit later, closing at 11:00 PM.

Pink Mamma Paris Important Links


Final Thoughts

With its bewitching decoration and authentic Italian foods, Pink Mamma Paris offers nothing less than a magical time. It’s a flawless place to make many beautiful memories with your loved ones. So, now that we’ve taken a glance at the Pink Mamma experience, we urge you to give it a shot. Next time you decide to travel to Paris, go ahead and visit this divine restaurant and see what the fuss is all about! Bon appétit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Pink Mamma Famous?

Well, why wouldn’t it be? The finest Italian cuisine, mesmerizing interior, and the view of stunning Parisian scenery make the Pink Mamma restaurant simply irresistible to miss.

Can You Go to Pink Mamma Without a Reservation?

Having a reservation before you visit the Pink Mamma restaurant is best, especially if you’re not going alone. Still, this restaurant holds some tables for walk-in guests, so if you plan to visit at the last minute, make sure you do so during less busy times, like weekdays.

Where is Pink Mamma Paris Located?

Pink Mamma is in the historical Pigalle district, 20bis, Rue de Douai, 75009 Paris. The closest metro stations are Pigalle and Blanche. Moreover, the nearest bus stops are Blanche—Calais and Martyrs. It’s also within walking distance from many central locations in the district.

Does Pink Mamma Restaurant Have a Bar?

Yes, it does! Pink Mamma Paris has a secret speakeasy cocktail bar named- ‘No Entry’. With a fascinating interior and whimsical cocktails, this bar is a great place to have a drink.

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