can you microwave tofu

Can You Microwave Tofu?

Tofu is a plant-based dish made of soybean that is highly rich in protein but contains fewer calories. It is quite famous among vegetarians and health-conscious individuals. Mastering the art of microwaving tofu can significantly reduce your time for cooking and can help you to enjoy delicious crispy tofu at ease.

This guide will reveal all the secrets for mastering tofu in the microwave and provide you with guidelines for preparing it. 

Can You Microwave Tofu?

Yes, you can microwave tofu. Heating tofu in the microwave is a quick and easy way to prepare it, especially when you are running out of time. You can cut the tofu into smaller shapes like cubes, and strips according to your choice, and for the best result, use firmer or extra-firmer tofu as microwave generates heat a lot.  

Is It Safe to Microwave Tofu?

Yes, microwaving tofu is completely safe. In fact, it is a commonly practiced cooking technique as long as you can handle and cook the tofu correctly. There is no health issue with microwaving tofu, and you can eat it right after by adding some extra ingredients. 

is it safe to microwave tofu

How to Cook Tofu in Microwave?

Here, we will provide you with a complete guideline on how to cook tofu perfectly in the microwave. 

Before we proceed to the cooking process, you need to choose what type of tofu you need for microwaving it. It is recommended to use tofu that is firmer or extra-firmer for the best result because if you use silken or soft tofu, it can get mushy due to excess heat from the microwave. Even though you can cook them, you have to be extra careful. 

After choosing the tofu, it’s time for you to prepare the tofu to be ready in the microwave. To prepare it, unpack the tofu from the packaging and use clean paper towels or kitchen towels to cover or press firmly against it to remove excess moisture.

Then, cut it down into shapes such as cubes, or stripes, and make it thinner so that it can cook faster and crispy. After that, marinate the tofu with your desired seasonings, or you can mix all soy chili sauce ingredients for the seasonings. 

Now that the preparation of tofu is completed, it is time for you to cook the tofu in the microwave. To do so, kindly follow the steps carefully. 

  • Take a microwave-safe plate, place the marinated tofu in a single layer on it, and ensure they are not overcrowded for evenly cooking. 
  • Microwave the tofu for 2-3 minutes on high power, and adjust the cooking duration based on the wattage of your microwave. 
  • Once it’s done, remove the microwave-safe plate carefully from the microwave, and flip the tofu pieces for even browning. 
  • Insert the microwave-safe plate again into the microwave, and microwave them for another 2-3 minutes until they reach the desired crispiness.

However, please note that the cooking time may vary slightly depending on the thickness of the tofu pieces and your desired texture. 

As you become skilled at cooking delicious tofu, it is time for you to present it or serve it for a pleasing dining experience. You can serve delicious crispy tofu, alongside steamed vegetables for a nutritious meal. Also, you can serve it with rice or noodles, topped with peanut sauce for a flavorful dish. 

how to cook tofu in microwave

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long to Microwave Tofu?

Microwaving tofu usually takes around 4-5 minutes, depending on the wattage of your microwave and the texture you want in your tofu. Each side needs to be cooked for 2-3 minutes on the microwave-safe plate. 

What’s the Best Way to Cut Tofu for Microwaving?

The best way to cut tofu for microwaving is to cut the tofu block into cube-size pieces or bite-size pieces for faster and more evenly cooked. Here are the steps that you can follow for cutting down the tofu for microwaving. 

  • Turn the tofu block on its side, and cut it in half as evenly as possible. Then, turn it flat, and also cut it in evenly half. 
  • Make evenly spaced between half cut, and make them into smaller cube-like pieces. 

Can I Use the Microwave to Reheat Cooked Tofu?

Yes, you can use the microwave to reheat cooked tofu, but for that, you have to ensure that your tofu is cooked well. 

The process of reheating the tofu is very simple, all you have to do is place it on the microwave-safe plate, drizzle some water on top of it, and then cover it with plastic wrap loosely for the steam to pass. After that, cook them in the microwave in low heat for 1-2 minutes and check if they are evenly warm. 

use the microwave to reheat cooked tofu

Can Cooked Tofu Be Eaten Cold?

Yes, tofu is considered a versatile dish that can be eaten cold, hot, or as a dessert item. When you want to eat it cold, make sure to keep it for at least an hour for the flavors to develop. 

How Long Is Leftover Tofu Good For?

Leftover tofu is good for five (5) days. After it is opened, make sure the tofu stays underwater inside the container.

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