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10 Most Popular Types of Burgers in 2024

Burgers have shaped the entire fast food culture of the 20th century and the 21st century, not just for America but worldwide.

What started as a simple combination of meat patty in-between buns has now transformed into a classic dish popular across the entire globe.

Here we will talk about the ten most popular types of burgers that have gained their status throughout history by satisfying the appetite of millions of hungry customers.

10 Most Popular Types of Burgers

1. Cheeseburger

Cheeseburger is arguably the most popular type of burger available on the fast food market. Almost all of the renowned fast food chains have a cheeseburger on the menu. McDonald’s, Burger King, Arby’s, Sonic, Jack in the Box, and various other fast food restaurants sell millions of cheeseburgers every day.

According to some historians, the first cheeseburger was created by Lionel Sternberger in 1924 when he put a slice of American Cheese on a Hamburger Patty at his father’s sandwich shop. The combination of American Cheese and beef patties has been an instant hit ever since and remains a classic to this very day.


2. Bacon Cheeseburger

The next addition to the hamburger that became an instant hit and spread throughout the entire nation was crispy and juicy Bacon. The Bacon cheeseburger was first invented by an A&W franchise in Lansing, Michigan after they introduced the Bacon Cheeseburger because of constant ordering.

Bacon Cheeseburgers soon became popular around the whole nation and fast food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, Arby’s, Sonic, etc. started adding this item to their menu. The crunch of the bacon complements the chewiness of the beef patties which makes the Bacon Cheeseburger one of the most popular types of burgers. 

bacon cheeseburger

3. Hamburger

Although the term ‘Hamburger’ originates from Hamburg, a city in Germany, no exact connection has been found between these two things. A hamburger is also simply called a burger and denotes the food that consists of a filling of meat placed inside a sliced bun or bread roll.

Hamburgers typically also contain lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, bacon, chillis, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish, etc. Hamburgers have become a staple of the fast food culture of America and the entire world. McDonald’s Big Mac or Burger King’s Whopper have shaped the fast food culture of the entire globe.


4. Chicken Sandwich

Burgers and hamburgers originally had beef patties inside them but over time other recipes developed with fried chicken or grilled chicken as the substitute for the beef patties. The first chicken sandwich was made by Truett Cathy in 1946 and was called the Chick-fil-A.

The most famous chicken sandwich in America is made in Chick-fil-A. Other famous chicken sandwiches include Shake Shak’s Chick’n Shack, Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich, McDonald’s McDrispy, Burger King’s Classic Chicken Sandwich, Culver’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and Zaxby’s Signature Chicken Sandwich.

chicken sandwich

5. Veggie Burger

Veggie burgers have been surging in popularity in recent times not only because of people choosing healthier food and lifestyles but also because of their high nutritional value. Almost all fast food chain shops around America have veggie burgers on the menu ready to be ordered.

McDonald’s Veggie Burger comes with a crispy fried veggie patty, a handful of fresh shredded lettuce, and sliced juicy tomatoes. KFC’s vegan burger is made with Quorn filet and all of the usual herbs and spices. They also add vegan mayonnaise instead of regular mayonnaise to make it vegan-friendly.

veggie burger

6. Fish Burger

Fish Burgers have also been getting popular all across the globe as they provide healthier options to classic burgers full of meat. Fish has shorter muscle fibers, less connective tissue, and less fat than red meat and is also full of omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial to the body.

Some of the best fish burgers include McDonald’s Filet-O-fish, Burger King’s Big Fish, Popeyes’ Classic Flounder Fish Sandwich, Arby’s King’s Hawaiian Fish Deluxe, and Wendy’s Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich.

fish burger

7. Spicy Burger

Spicy burgers take the flavors of regular burgers to a new level with the added heat. Some of the popular spicy burgers in America are Whataburger Jalapeño Cheeseburger, Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Dairy Queen Texas Grillburger, Jack in the Box Spicy Sriracha Burger, Burger King Texas Double Whopper, McDonald’s Spicy McChicken, and Chick-fil-A Spicy Chicken.

spicy burger

8. BBQ Burger

The specialty of BBQ Burgers is that the meat inside the burger is made from meat that has been barbequed. BBQ burgers are popular not only among the Southerners who enjoy BBQ but also all across the nation. 

bbq burger

9. Mushroom Burger

Mushrooms are not truly vegetables but rather a middle point between meat and vegetables. Mushrooms have more in common with animal protein and taste similar to meat as well while being a 100% vegan food item. This is why mushroom burgers have been gaining popularity in recent times.

Some of the best mushroom burger restaurants include Castle Hot Springs, Burger Alley, Big Mountain Foods, Applebee’s, Wendy’s, etc.

mushroom burger

10. Gourmet Burgers

Gourmet Burgers feature more unique and upscale options such as sauteed mushrooms, freshly sliced avocado, grilled onions, and others as the toppings and fillings of the burger. The burger patty is also usually unique such as using expensive beef like Wagyu. Gourmet Burgers are available at fancy restaurants and cost more than regular burgers available at fast food locations.

gourmet burgers

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