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Cook Out Menu: Complete Prices 2024 (Updated)

Cook Out has gained much popularity by providing quality fast-food items such as its signature Char-Grilled Hamburgers, Char-Grilled Chicken Breasts, Sandwiches, and so on. Hundreds of customers visit the many locations of Cook Out every day to grab a bite of its delicious food items.

Cook Out usually opens at 10:00 AM or 10:30 AM and closes at 3:30 AM or 4:30 AM. The timing varies from location to location and day to day so make sure to double-check and confirm before visiting a particular branch.

Their menu features mouth-watering burgers, sandwiches, quesadillas, and many more items and pairs them well with floats, milkshakes, and sodas. The combo meals attract customers who want to fill up their appetites and have a complete lunch at an affordable cost.

Cook Out Menu With Prices

Cook Out’s menu is quite expansive with classic and improved fast-food items like burgers, chicken sandwiches, sandwiches, quesadillas, fries, chicken nuggets, milkshakes, floats, etc. All of these items are discussed in detail below.

Tray Menu

Cook Out Tray – RegularChoose one: Big Double Burger, Reg. Burger, Reg. BBQ, 2 Hot Dogs, 2 Quesadillas, Reg. Chicken, Cajun Chicken, Spicy Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Chicken Strips (3)
Choose two sides or double up: Bacon Wrap, Cheese Bites, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Wrap, Corn Dog, Fries, Hushpuppies, Onion Rings, Quesadilla (Cheeseburger, Chicken), Slaw
Choose one drink: Large Drink, Huge Tea, Dasani Water, Cheerwine Float, or Coke Float or Reg Shake
$7.39 (+$1.60 for Shake)
Cook Out Tray – JuniorChoose one: Sm. Burger, 2 Corn Dogs, BLT Sandwich, Hot Dog, Quesadilla
Choose two sides or double up: Bacon Wrap, Cheese Bites, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Wrap, Corn Dog, Fries, Hushpuppies, Onion Rings, Quesadilla (Cheeseburger, Chicken), Slaw
Choose one drink: Large Drink, Huge Tea, Dasani Water, Cheerwine Float, or Coke Float or Reg Shake
$6.39 (+$1.60 for Shake)

All the combo meals are included in the Cook Out Trays menu. You can customize your tray by choosing all the items that you want. This combo meal comes with one main course, two side dishes, and a beverage.

For the main course, you have options like Big Double burger, Cajun Chicken, Spicy Chicken, BBQ Chicken, 2 Hot Dogs, 2 Quesadillas, and so on. The Side dish options include Bacon Wrap, Cheese Bites, Chicken Nuggets, Fries, Corn Dog, Quesadilla, Onion Rings, etc. And for the beverages, you can get large drinks, bottled water, tea, Cheerwine float, Coke Float, etc.

Char-Grilled Hamburgers Menu

Small240 cal
Regular330 cal
Huge520 cal
Big Double330 cal
“Cook Out Style”Homemade Chili, Slaw, Mustard, Onion$3.65+130 cal
Cheddar StyleCheddar Cheese, Bacon, Grilled Onions, Mayo$3.69+240 cal
Out West StyleBBQ Sauce, Bacon, Mayo, Pickles, Onion$3.39+210 cal
Steak StyleA1 Sauce, Grilled Onions, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo$3.25+100 cal
  • Choice of: Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup, Pickles, Onion, lettuce Grilled Onions, or Cajun Seasoning on Request.
  • Extras: Tomato (10 cal), Bacon (60 cal), Cheese (70 cal), Homemade Chili (70 cal), Homemade Slaw (40 cal)

The Char-Grilled Hamburgers are the signature items at Cook Out. The Burger Patties are grilled over a charcoal fire to give them a nice aroma and wonderful taste. You can get the Hamburgers made according to your order. Add toppings of your choice to the burger. Options include mayo, mustard, ketchup, pickles, onion, lettuce, grilled onion, and cajun seasoning.

The Char-grilled Burgers come in four different sizes such as small, regular, Big Double, and Huge. Choose the size according to your appetite. You also have options to get your burgers cooked in different styles. Cook Out Style includes homemade chili, slaw, mustard, and onion and this is the most popular style for Char-grilled Burgers.

Char-Grilled Chicken Menu

Chicken Breast Original StyleLettuce, tomato, mayo, honey mustard$4.85240 cal
Chicken Breast Barbeque StyleBBQ sauce, sliced pickles, mayo$4.85380 cal
Chicken Breast Cajun StyleCajun seasoning, Texas Pete, lettuce, tomato, mayo$4.85380 cal
Chicken Breast Club StyleBacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo$4.99570 cal
Chicken Breast Cheddar StyleCheddar cheese, bacon, grilled onions, mayo$4.99540 cal
Chicken Breast Homemade StylePickles, slaw, cheese, onions$4.85380 cal
Crispy Spicy ChickenLettuce, tomato, onions$4.99450 cal
Chicken Strip Snack (3)Sauces: Cook Out Sauce, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Polynesian, Ranch, Buffalo$4.99660 cal
Chicken Strip SandwichSauces: Cook Out Sauce, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Polynesian, Ranch, Buffalo$4.99680 cal
Chicken Strip ClubSauces: Cook Out Sauce, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Polynesian, Ranch, Buffalo$5.39850 cal
Cajun Crispy Chicken Wrap$1.99500 cal
Honey Mustard Crispy Chicken Wrap$1.99510 cal
Ranch Crispy Chicken Wrap$1.99520 cal
Cajun Ranch Crispy Chicken Wrap$1.99520 cal
Chicken Nuggets5 Piece – Crispy All White Meat w/ Sauce
Cook Out Sauce/BBQ/Honey Mustard/Polynesian/Ranch/Buffalo
$1.99240 cal

Char-Grilled Chicken Breast

Other than the char-grilled hamburgers, Cook Out also serves Char-grilled Chicken Breast to customers. The chicken is grilled in different styles to give them different flavors. Some of the flavors include Original Style, Barbeque Style, Cajun Style, club Style, Cheddar Style, and Homemade Style.

The Original Style is the most popular version of the Char-Grilled Chicken Breast. This dish comes stacked with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and honey mustard. All of these ingredients balance well to taste delicious.

You can also get the Char-Grilled Chicken Breast in Club Style which has the highest calories among the chicken breast dishes. This 570-calorie worth dish comes stacked with crispy bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

Homemade Style Chicken Strips

Craving some delicious chicken strips for lunch or dinner? Not to worry as Cook Out has different types of homemade-style chicken strips on the menu. Options include Chicken Strip Snack which gets served with your choice of sauce, Chicken Strip Sandwich which comes with lettuce, tomato, honey mustard, and mayo, and Chicken Strip Club Sandwich which comes stacked with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

Crispy Chicken Wraps

Grab a chicken wrap for lunch or dinner at Cook Out restaurant. There are different flavors available so choose the one you would enjoy the most. Options include Cajun Wrap, Ranch Wrap, Honey Mustard, and Cajun Ranch. I would recommend trying the Cajun Wrap because the chicken is cooked and seasoned with Cajun spice to enhance the flavor. 

Hot Dogs, Barbeque, Quesadilla Menu

Hot DogPlain or w/ Ketchup & Mustard$1.99260-280 cal
Corn Dogw/ Mustard & Ketchup$1.99220 cal
BBQ Sandwichw/ Homemade Slaw, Texas Pete$4.99370 cal
BBQ Platew/ Homemade Slaw, Fries & Hushpuppies$5.99980 cal
BLT SandwichFresh Cooked Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo, Pepper$1.99400 cal
Bacon Ranch WrapFresh Cooked Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce$1.99420 cal
Cheese Quesadilla$1.99180 cal
Chicken Quesadilla$1.99220 cal
QuesadillaChicken or Beef$1.99220/260 cal

Cook Out Barbeque

Cook Out also has BBQ items on the menu and you can find them at the Cookout Barbeque section. The BBQ Plate is designed to fulfill your appetite with juicy BBQ along with homemade slaw, fries, and Hushpuppies. You can also grab the BBQ sandwich from the menu that comes with homemade Slaw and Texas Pete. 

Hot Dog, Sandwich, and Quesadilla

You can order hot dogs, sandwiches, and quesadillas at Cook Out if you are not in the mood for having a burger. The Hot Dogs are served with plain or with ketchup and mustard based on your order. You can also get corn dogs with French Mustard & Heinz Ketchup. The Hushpuppies are made in a homemade style and taste delicious.

For the Quesadilla, you have three options such as cheese, chicken, or beef. Classic BLT Sandwich is also on the menu and this flavorsome sandwich is made with freshly cooked bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and pepper. Grab a Bacon Ranch Wrap if you wish to have a crunchy and delicious meal as this wrap comes with freshly cooked bacon, cheese, and lettuce. 

Sides Menu

Regular Fries$2.39350 cal
Large Fries$2.99700 cal
Cajun Fries$2.39350 cal
Cheese Fries$2.89390 cal
Chili Cheese Fries$3.55460 cal
Onion Rings$2.69260 cal
White Cheddar Cheese Bites$3.39380 cal
Hushpuppies$1.99590 cal
Walkin’ Taco$2.39370 cal
Extra Jalapeno$0.5050 cal

Fries and Side Dishes

Cook Out has numerous types of fries on the menu as well as other side dishes. Add these items to your order to complete your meal. The fries options include Reg Fries, LG Fries, Chili Cheese Fries, and Cheese Fries. You can get the LG Fries with Cajun Seasoning on Request.

Other than the fries, you can also get special onion rings that are dipped in a batter and deep-fried to make it extra crispy. White Cheddar Cheese Bites are also on the side menu to help you complete your meal. Order this cheesy goodness the next time you visit Cook Out.

Milkshakes Menu

Fresh Banana$3.69510-900 cal
Banana Berry$3.69510-900 cal
Banana Fudge$3.69510-900 cal
Banana Nut$3.69510-900 cal
Banana Pineapple$3.69510-900 cal
Banana Pudding$3.69510-900 cal
Blueberry$3.69510-900 cal
Butterfinger$3.69510-900 cal
Cappuccino$3.69510-900 cal
Caramel$3.69510-900 cal
Caramel Fudge$3.69510-900 cal
Cheesecake (Blueberry, Caramel, Cherry, Choc Chip or Strawberry)$3.69510-900 cal
Hershey’s Chocolate$3.69510-900 cal
Chocolate (double)$3.69510-900 cal
Chocolate Cherry$3.69510-900 cal
Choc Chip Cherry$3.69510-900 cal
Choc Chip Mint$3.69510-900 cal
Chocolate Malt$3.69510-900 cal
Chocolate Nut$3.69510-900 cal
Heath Toffee$3.69510-900 cal
M&M$3.69510-900 cal
Mocha$3.69510-900 cal
Orange Push-Up$3.69510-900 cal
Oreo$3.69510-900 cal
Oreo Mint$3.69510-900 cal
Peach$3.69510-900 cal
Peach Cobbler$3.69510-900 cal
Peanut Butter$3.69510-900 cal
Peanut Butter Banana$3.69510-900 cal
Peanut Butter Fudge$3.69510-900 cal
Pineapple$3.69510-900 cal
Red Cherry$3.69510-900 cal
Reese’s Cup$3.69510-900 cal
Snickers$3.69510-900 cal
Strawberry$3.69510-900 cal
Vanilla$3.69510-900 cal
Walnut$3.69510-900 cal
Watermelon (July-Aug)$3.69510-900 cal
Eggnog (Dec)$3.69510-900 cal

Cook Out Creamery

Cook Out is quite famous for having an expansive milkshake menu which is included in the Cook Out Creamery menu. This menu includes numerous options for fancy milkshakes made with milk, cream, ice, fresh fruits, candy, and other flavorful ingredients.

Some of the flavor options with fresh fruits include Fresh Banana, Banana Berry, Banana Fudge, Banana Nut, Banana Pineapple, Banana Pudding, Blueberry, Watermelon, strawberry, and peach.

You also have milkshakes made with different types of candies to enhance the flavor such as Butterfinger, Hershey’s Chocolate, Health Toffee, M&M, Snickers, Reese’s Cup, etc.

There are choices for the Chocolate Milkshake flavor in Chocolate, Chocolate Cherry, Choc Chip Cherry, Choc Chip Mint, Chocolate Malt, and Chocolate Nut. You also have Oreo and Oreo Mint Flavored milkshakes as well as classic flavors like Vanilla Milkshake.

Floats & Cheesecake Menu

Coke Floatw/ Vanilla Soft Serve$2.39380 calories
Cheerwine Floatw/ Vanilla Soft Serve$2.39380 calories
CheesecakeChoice of Toppings$2.39360 calories

Floats & Cheesecake

Floats are classic fast-food drinks prepared with ice cream served on soda. There are two types of floats at Cook Out. The classic Coke Float that comes with Coca-Cola and a Vanilla Soft Serve and Cheerwine Float which also comes with a vanilla soft serve. You can also get New York Style Cheesecake for dessert. You can choose the toppings to put on the cheesecake.

Drinks Menu

Fresh Brewed Tea – Large$2.19290 cal
Fresh Brewed Tea – Huge$2.39390 cal
Coca-Cola Beverage – Regular$2.19160 cal
Coca-Cola Beverage – Large$2.39240 cal
Cheerwine – Regular$2.19150 cal
Cheerwine – Large$2.39220 cal
Dasani 20 oz Bottled Water$2.390 cal


Have a refreshing drink to wash down all of the delicious food items at Cook Out. The drinks pair well with the burger and the fries and you can order them by themselves or in the combo meal. Cook Out has numerous drink options on the menu such as Fresh Brewed Tea, Coco Cola Beverages Cheerwine, and Dasani Bottled Water. 

What Time Does Cook Out Open?

Cook Out opens the restaurant at 10:00 AM or 10:30 AM every day of the week. This timing varies from location to location and day to day. Make sure to check the opening and closing times of the exact location you are planning to visit beforehand to avoid disappointment. 

What Time Does Cook Out Close?

Cook Out closes the restaurant at 3:30 AM or 4:30 AM. The closing time can also vary based on location and the day of the week. Be sure to double-check the closing time of the exact location you wish to visit.

Here is a chart detailing the opening and closing hours of Cook Out.

DayOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday10:30 AM3:30 AM
Tuesday10:30 AM3:30 AM
Wednesday10:30 AM3:30 AM
Thursday10:30 AM3:30 AM
Friday10:30 AM4:30 AM
Saturday10:30 AM4:30 AM
Sunday10:30 AM4:30 AM

Food Serving Method

Cook Out accepts cash and cards both at the restaurant as in-store payment. You can also pay with gift cards. Some locations might accept Apple Pay or Google Pay. All of the locations have drive-thru options and you can order food from Cook Out online. Third-party food delivery apps like GrubHub and UberEats also deliver food from Cook Out.

In-Store PaymentYes, it is available
Drive-ThruYes, it is available
Home DeliveryYes, it is available

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Cook Out is the place to visit if your mood demands some char-grilled hamburgers, frothy milkshakes, or salty fries. Enjoy a meal at Cook Out and spend some quality time with delicious and inexpensive fast food items. Cook Out has hundreds of locations all across the country and it would be happy to serve you all of its flavorful items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cook Out Have Breakfast?

No, Cook Out does not have any separate breakfast menu with the classic breakfast items like eggs, sausages, bacon, or pancakes. You can still enjoy a nice charcoal grilled burger for breakfast at Cook Out. Cook Out usually stays closed during early morning breakfast hours and only opens after 10:30 AM.

Does Cook Out Have Gift Cards?

Yes, Cook Out has gift cards available to be purchased from restaurants or third-party retailers like Amazon or Target. You can use these gift cards to purchase food from the store and from online. Speak to the servers about the gift cards to purchase them.

Are Cook Out Fries Gluten-Free?

No, Cook Out’s fries are not guaranteed to be gluten-free. Although the fries do not contain gluten, Cook Out cooks all of the food items in one restaurant, and cross-contamination is very likely to occur. This is why it cannot be said for certain that the fries are gluten-free. Speak to the servers about your dietary constraints before ordering food at Cook Out.

How Many Cook Outs Are There in the US?

Cook Out has more than 319 locations spread all across the United States with locations in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, Mississippi, Virginia, and so on.

What Is the Most Popular Item at Cook Out?

The most popular item on the Cook Out menu is the Big Double Homemade Char-grilled Hamburger Cheddar Style. This item is one of the signature dishes of Cook Out. The taste of the char-grilled beef patties goes well with the cheddar cheese, bacon, grilled onions, and mayo. This is inarguably the best item you can get at Cook Out. 

What Is the Biggest Item at Cook Out?

The huge Homemade Char-grilled Hamburger is the biggest item on the menu at Cook Out. This hamburger consists of an astonishing 520 calories just by itself and you can also get it in Cheddar Style to add 240 calories to the burger.

Are There Vegetarian Options Available at Cook Out?

Yes, there are some vegetarian options available at Cook Out such as the Cheese Quesadilla, Cajun Fries, Fries, LG Fries, Cheese Fries, Onion Rings, White Cheddar Cheese Bites, Milkshakes, Soft Drinks, and Floats. Speak to the server to ensure that you are only served vegetarian-friendly items if you have dietary restrictions.

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