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Carette Paris Menu with Prices 2024 (Full List)

Imagine savoring an early morning coffee and croissant or indulging in a rich afternoon hot chocolate with the breathtaking Eiffel Tower as your backdrop at the iconic Place du Trocadéro. Carette Paris offers more than just a prime location; it provides an unforgettable experience from dawn until late into the night, opening its doors daily from 7:00 or 7:30 am to 11:30 pm.

Founded in 1927 amidst the vibrant Roaring Twenties, Carette intricately weaves itself into the fabric of Parisian culture. Boasting two elegant tea salons in the heart of Paris, Carette has become a beloved institution for locals and visitors seeking authentic Parisian charm.

One of these tea salons overlooks the historic Place des Vosges and features interiors designed by the legendary Hubert de Givenchy. This exquisite setting enhances the experience of enjoying Carette’s delectable offerings, making every visit feel like a step back to an era of elegance and sophistication.

Known for its cuisine and top notch service, Carette isn’t just a spot to dine and socialize but a location that embodies the essence of Paris. Whether you’re a tourist or a local resident, a trip to Carette guarantees an experience of tradition at its best.

In this article, we will explore Carette’s rich history, examine its mouthwatering menu, and share insider tips on making the most of your visit to this Parisian gem.

Carette Paris Menu

Carette Paris offers an extensive and refined menu that caters to various tastes and preferences, establishing itself as a quintessential Parisian café. The menu is divided into several sections, showcasing the café’s commitment to quality and traditional French culinary excellence.

Salad Menu

All salads are served with a seasoning

VégétarienneCarrot, tomato, avocado, potato, red cabbage, celeriac, boiled egg, cucumber, green beans, chives€19.50
CésarRomaine salad, bread croutons, parmesan shavings, cherry tomatoes, red onions, chicken supreme, boiled egg€24.50
CaretteThin slices of tomato and mozzarella, ham slice serrano (Spain), olive oil with basil, salad€25.50
MonégasqueFlaked tuna, marinated anchovy fillets, tomato, potato, green beans, cucumber, carrot, boiled egg, chives€24.50
AtlantiqueArugula, baby spinach, Treviso salad, avocado, cucumber, green beans, cherry tomatoes, Norwegian smoked salmon, granny smith apple€27.50
ParisienneSalad romaine lettuce, green beans, potato, tomato, hard-boiled egg, Paris ham, emmental cheese, pickle€24.50
Du BergerMeli-Melo salad, roasted Chavignol cheese on toast, walnuts€24.50

Plates Menu

Assiette de Jambon de SerranoSerrano ham palte€28.00
Saumon fumé norvégien toasts et beurreNorwegian smoked salmon toasts and butter€19.50
Trois fromages – Salade verteThree cheeses, green salad€25.50

Home-Made Club Sandwiches Menu

All sandwiches are served with coleslaw / Extra home-made fries +€4.0

PouletChicken fillet, thinly sliced grilled bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise sauce€25.00
Parisien “Duo”Paris ham, emmental, tomato, lettuce, Mimosa eggs, mayonnaise sauce€25.00
ThonWhite tuna, lettuce, tomato, chives, mayonnaise€25.00
Saumon fuméNorwegian smoked salmon, salad, tomato, mimosa eggs, mayonnaise€28.00

Light Meal Menu

Served with green salad

Toast Carettewith ham or not€16.50
Toast Madamewith ham or not€17.50
Assiette 3 fromages, saladePlate of 3 cheeses, salad€19.50
Quiche LorraineEgg and bacon quiche€17.50
Quiche du JourQuiche of the day€17.50
Supplément frites maisonExtra home-made fries€4.00

Home-Made Bread Menu

Jambon de ParisParis ham€8.50
MixteHam, cheese€10.00
ClubHam, cheese, raw vegetables€12.50
Poulet cruditésChicken, raw vegetables€12.50
Thon cruditésTuna, raw vegetables€12.50
Jambon SerranoSerrano ham€12.50
Saumon fuméSmoked salmon€15.50

Fingers Sandwiches Menu

Jambon de ParisParis ham€4.30
Salade œufEgg salad€4.30
Saumon fuméSmoked salmon€5.80

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast (choose 1 from each side)Side 1: Double expresso or coffee with milk or hot chocolate or tea of your choice
Side 2: 1 Fresh fruit juice orange or pink grapefruit or lemon
Side 3: 1 Croissant or Chocolate roll or Brioche or Raisin bread
Side 4: 1 Soft bread toast and organic jam of your choice (strawberry, raspberry, lavender apricot, orange or blueberry blossom)
Remplacement de la confiture par du mielReplace jam with honey€1.50
Thé blanc: supplémentWhite tea€1.00
Cappuccino: supplémentCappuccino€1.00

For breakfast, Carette presents a delightful array of choices. Customers can start their day with a light expresso, coffee, hot chocolate or tea.

You can then choose between 3 fresh juices. I chose the lemon which was lovely.

Then, you have the option to select from a croissant, chocolate roll, brioche or raisin bread. Of course, I went for the traditional croissant!

Lastly, you get soft bread toast with a selection of many jams to choose from – I found the strawberry flavor the best!

Brunch Menu

Brunch (choose 1 from each side)Side 1: Double expresso or coffee with milk or hot chocolate or tea of your choice
Side 2: 1 Fresh fruit juice orange or pink grapefruit or lemon
Side 3: 1 Croissant or Chocolate roll or Brioche or Raisin bread
Side 4: 1 Soft bread toast and organic jam of your choice (strawberry, raspberry, lavender apricot, orange or blueberry blossom)
Side 5: Scrambled eggs (Plain or ham or cheese or tomato sauce or chives)
Saumon fumé Smoked salmon€8.00
Fines herbesFine herbs€2.00
Sauce tomateTomato sauce€2.00
Thé blanc: supplémentWhite tea€0.50
Cappuccino: supplémentCappuccino€1.00
Coupe de fruits fraisFresh fruit bowl – Raspberries and strawberries following season€19.00
Cocktails – BelliniBellini€19.00
Cocktails – MimosaMimosa€19.00
Glass of Champagne R from Ruinart€21.00

Scrambled Eggs Menu

Fines HerbesChives€17.50
Sauce TomageTomato Sauce€17.50
Champignons de ParisParis cultivated mushrooms€18.50
Carette – Fromage & ChampignonsCheese and mushrooms€21.00
Mixte – Jambom & FromageHam and cheese€20.50
Saumon Fumé NorvégienNorwegian smoken salmon€28.00

Small Side Plates Menu

Salade verteGreen Salad€4.00
Salade mixteMix Salad (Green Salad & Tomatoes)€9.00
Haricots vertsGreen Beans€11.50
Frite fraîche maisonHomemade French Fries€8.00

Viennoiseries Menu

Croissant CaretteCroissant Carette€4.00
Croissant aux amandesAlmond Croissant€5.50
Pain au chocolatPain au Chocolat€5.00
Pain chocolat aux amandesPain au Chocolat – Almond€6.00
Pain aux raisinsPain au Chocolat – Raisins€11.00
Chausson aux pommesCarette Apple Turnover€7.00
Buns – Brioche aux raisins glacésBuns – Brioche with Confit Raisins€6.50
Mini ViennoiserieSmall Pastry€2.50
Flûte du SportifFlûte du Sportif€6.50
Flûte du Sportif – Avec confitureFlûte du Sportif – with Jam€9.00
Flûte du Sportif – Avec MielFlûte du Sportif – with Honey€10.00

The viennoiseries selection from the Carette menu is a highlight that deserves its own section. Due to the demand, Carette even opened a separate patisserie! Their croissants are renowned for their quality, being made fresh each morning, each bite flakey and buttery.

Must-try items from the pastries section of the Carette Paris menu include the delicate and flaky Croissant Carette, the rich and indulgent Pain au Chocolat, and the tart and sweet Chausson aux pommes.

Each pastry is made using traditional techniques passed on from Jean Carette using high-quality ingredients, ensuring a memorable experience with every bite.

Pâtisseries Menu

ÉclairChocolate or flavor of the moment€8.40
Paris CaretteLight hazelnut cream, praline feuilletine€8.90
OpéraCoffee butter cream, chocolate ganache€8.90
Mont BlancMeringue, chestnut cream, vanilla whipped cream€8.90
Choco-ChocAll chocolate entremet€8.90
Délice Aux FramboisesVanilla macaron filled with crème brûlée, pistachio, and fresh raspberries€9.90
Tarte Aux Framboises€9.90
Tarte Aux 2 Citrons€8.90
Tarte Fine Aux Pommes€7.90
Tarte Du Moment€8.90
Pâtisseries Du Moment€9.90
Petit Four Frais Sucré La Pièce€13.10
Assiette De 5 Petits Fours Sucrés Assortis€13.00

Macarons Menu

IndividuelChocolate, vanilla, salted butter caramel€7.80
Mini MacaronChocolate, coffee, vanilla, pistachio, salted butter caramel, raspberry, gianduja, blackcurrant-violet, cherries, rose, flavor of the moment€3.10
Assiette De 5 Minis MacaronsPlate of 5€13.00

Home-Made Cakes Menu

Cake aux fruitsFruits Cake€7.50
Cake au chocolatChocolate Cake€7.50
Cake aux agrumesCitrus Cake€7.50
Cake à la pistachePistachio Cake€7.50

Toasts & Tartines Menu

2 tranches de pain de mie et sa confiture bio au choix2 slices white sandwich loaf toast and organic jam of your choice€9.50
2 tranches de pain brioché et sa confiture bio au choix2 slices of brioche bread and organic jam of your choice€11.00
Tartine à l’ancienne au beurre (grillée ou non grillée)Old fashion tartine with butter (toasted or not toasted)€7.00
Tartine à l’ancienne et sa confiture bio au choixOld fashion tartine and organic jam of your choice€9.50
Supplément miel, en remplacement de la confitureHoney supplement instead of jam€1.50
Confiture à l’ancienne au choixOld fashion jam of your choice – Strawberry, Raspberry, Apricot, Orange, Blueberry€3.70

Fresh Fruit Juices Menu

Orange (20cl)Orange€9.50
Citrus (15cl)Lemon€9.50
Pamplemousse (20cl)Grapefruit€9.50
Orange pressée, carotte (20cl)Orange and Carrot Juice€9.50
Jus de carotte frais (20cl)Fresh Carrot Juice€9.50
Cocktail de fruits (40cl)Fruit Cocktail – 3 citrus: lemon, orange, grapefruit€19.00
Double fruits pressés (40cl)Double Fresh Juice Orange or Grapefruit€18.50

Drinks Menu

Café expressoExpresso€4.20
Café décaféinéDecaffeinated Coffee€4.20
Café filtre “Pot”American Coffee€6.00
Café express-laitExpresso with Milk€5.00
Grand café crèmeLarge Coffee with Milk€7.00
Double expressoDouble Expresso€7.50
Double décaféinéDouble Decaffeinated Coffee€7.50
Double express-laitDouble Expresso with Milk€8.00
Café viennoisVienese Coffee€10.00
Chocolat” Carette”Chocolate “Carette”€9.00
Chocolat viennoisVienese Chocolate€10.00
Lait chaud natureHot Milk€6.00
Lait chaud vanilleHot Milk Vanilla Flavour€7.00
Lait chaud amandeHot Milk Almond Flavour€7.00
Citron pressé “chaud”“Hot” Squizzed Lemon€9.00
Grog au rhum St James (4cl)Grog with Rum€10.50
Vin chaud (20cl)Mulled Wine€9.50
Irish Coffee (4cl)€15.50
Supplément lait de sojaExtra Soy Milk€1.50

The drinks menu is a large part of what makes Carette the institution of French food it is, featuring a wide selection of coffees, teas, and other drinks. The café’s signature hot chocolate is a must-try, often described as luxuriously thick and intensely chocolatey.

Coffee enthusiasts will appreciate the rich, aromatic espresso and the smooth café au lait. For those seeking something lighter, the selection of teas, both classic and herbal, offers a refreshing accompaniment to any meal.

Tea Menu

Thé “Carette” – Mélange maisonHome made mix€8.70
Thé de Ceylan€8.70
Thé Earl Grey€8.70
Thé des IndesDarjeeling Tradition€8.70
Thé de ChineGrand Souchong fumé€8.70
Thé noir d’Assam€8.70
Thé vert du JaponSencha “Fukuya”€8.70
Thé vert menthe fraîcheFresh mint tea€8.70
Thé vert jasminJasmine “Extra-Fleuri€8.70
Thé vert agrumesCitrus “Soleil vert€8.70
Thé déthéiné “Ceylan€8.70
Thé blancWhite tea – Népal Himalaya€9.70
Thé noirs parfumés – Vanille, Fruits rouges, CaramelFlavoured black teas – Vanilla, Red Fruits, Caramel €8.70
Thés parfumés – Gingembre-fruits de la passion ou Caramel beurre saléFlavoured teas – Ginger-passion fruit or Salted butter caramel€9.70
Infusions – Verveine, Tilleul, Camomille, Menthe or Tilleul-mentheHerbal Tea – Verbena, Linden, Chamomile or Lime-mint€7.50

Crepes Menu

Crêpe CaretteVanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream€11.50
Crêpe Grand MarnierCrepe with Grand Marnier€11.50
Crêpe aux fruits fraisCrepe with fresh fruits€11.00
Crêpe avec boule de glaceCrepe with ice cream scoop€11.00
Crêpe au sucreCrepe with sugar€8.00
Crêpe citron et sucreCrepe with lemon and sugar€8.50
Crêpe sauce chocolatCrepe with chocolate sauce€9.00
Crêpe confiture ou mielCrepe with jam or honey€9.00
Supplément ChantillyExtra whipped cream€3.50
Supplément boule de glace ou sorbetExtra ice cream or sorbet scoop€4.00
Supplément fraise ou framboise selon saisonExtra Strawberry or raspberry depending on the season€7.00
Sauce chocolatChocolate sauce€2.00
Coupe de fruits rouges fraisStrawberries and raspberries according to the season€19.00

Vibe and Interior at Carette Paris

The Carette café combines the timeless charm of Paris with a touch of sophistication. Stepping inside you feel the soft, warm lighting greet you, casting a gentle glow over the room. The walls are adorned with vintage posters and black-and-white photographs of Parisian landmarks, evoking a sense of nostalgia. Rich wooden floors complement the antique brass fixtures and the deep, plush seating. The chairs and sofas are draped in fabrics, in shades of burgundy and green, enhancing the intimate vibe of the place.

Carette Paris thoughtfully arrange the seating to offer a mix of private nooks and more open, communal tables. Small, round bistro tables with marble tops are scattered throughout, perfect for an intimate conversation or a solitary moment with a book and a cup of coffee.

On the outside, the café boasts a delightful patio area that offers a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. The outdoor seating consists of classic wrought-iron tables and chairs with cushions in soft pastel colors. Planters overflowing with vibrant flowers border the patio, adding a burst of color and a touch of nature. Strings of fairy lights crisscross above, creating a magical atmosphere as the evening sets in.

The café’s atmosphere perfectly balances a sophisticated vibe. When you step inside, it’s like entering a retreat from the city’s life—a cozy and inviting setting. Outside, it changes into a colorful area with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Carette Paris Hours of Operation

Carette Paris opening time is 7:00 AM from Monday to Friday and 7:30 AM on weekends. Their closing time is consistently 11:30 PM every day. Enjoy delightful pastries and more during these hours at Carette.

Here is a chart detailing the opening and closing hours of Carette.

DayOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday07:00 AM11:30 PM
Tuesday07:00 AM11:30 PM
Wednesday07:00 AM11:30 PM
Thursday07:00 AM11:30 PM
Friday07:00 AM11:30 PM
Saturday07:30 AM11:30 PM
Sunday07:30 AM11:30 PM

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The Carette service stands out for its efficient and detail oriented approach ensuring each visit is an unforgettable experience.

Renowned for its blend of allure and contemporary elegance. Step inside to enjoy an ambiance or sit outside to take in the view of the Eiffel Tower adding to its enchanting appeal. Guests often praise the pastries, flavorful dishes and beautifully presented meals at this café.

For anyone seeking a perfect blend of culinary excellence and Parisian charm, Carette Paris is an unmissable destination. Don’t miss the chance to experience this beloved Parisian gem for yourself.


Do You Need To Book Carette Paris?

No. You don’t need to book a reservation at Carette Paris. – just walk in and place your order.

Why is Carette Paris So Famous?

Carette is famous for its macaroons, pastries, scrambled eggs, hot chocolate, breakfast, brunch, and breadcrumb sandwiches.

Where is the Carette in Paris?

You can find Carette at 4 Place Du Trocadero, Le Marais, 75016, Paris, France.

What Time Does Carette Open?

Carette Paris opens at 7:00 AM from Monday to Friday and 7:30 AM on weekends.

What Time Does Carette Close?

Carette Paris closes at 11:30 PM every day.

Can You See The Eiffel Tower From Carette?

Yes. You can enjoy a view of the Eiffel Tower from the terrace at Carette.

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