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Bagels vs Donuts: What Are The Differences?

Bagels and Donuts are the popular choices for people in their breakfast options and they are loved by people for their chewy and soft texture. Both are considered breakfast treats, but they differ significantly in terms of nutritional value. In this guide, we will break down the main differences between them to help you with the decision to make your choices. 

What Is Bagels?

Bagels are one kind of bread that originated in the Jewish community of Poland. They are ring-shaped like doughnuts but taste completely different. It is dense and chewy on the inside and has a crisp golden-brown color on the outside. 

Bagels are boiled before being baked, which gives them a unique texture and they can be enjoyed with varieties of toppings such as jam, cream cheese, and many more. 

what is bagels

What Is Donuts?

A dough, also known as a doughnut is a sweet type of pastry that has a circular shape with a central hole. It is mainly deep-fried and filled with a variety of fillings such as jam, cream, and custard. 

Moreover, donuts are often coated with toppings like sprinkles, glaze, or sugar. 

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What Are the Difference Between Bagels and Donuts?

Bagels and Donuts may share similar shapes, but they differ significantly in terms of nutrition, calories, health, and texture. 

Nutrition– No sugar is used in the baking process
– Boiled before bakedMore nutritional factors
– Sugar is used in the baking process
– Fried in oilLess nutritional factors
Calories– More amount of calories
– Contains calories between 270-500 in plain bagel
– Medium-sized plain bagel contains 300-350 calories
– Less amount of calories
– Contains calories between 190-300 in plain donut
– Medium-sized plain donuts contain 210-250 calories
Health– More healthier choice than donuts
– Contains lower fat and higher protein and sodium levels
– Less healthy choice than bagels
– Contains more fat and sugar and is fried in oil
Texture– Robust, dense, and chewy texture
– Savory and boiled before baked
Lighter, soft, and sweet textureFried in oil
Table: Difference between Bagel and Donut
difference between bagels and donuts

1. Bagels vs Donuts Nutrition

Bagels are usually larger and need more filling than donuts. It is much more nutritional than donuts as it does not contain sugar, and only uses a basic ingredient like water, flour, yeast, and salt for making them.

On the other hand, donuts are smaller but sweeter and contain lots of sugar due to their basic making process. Also, it is fried in oil so it has both fat and sugar. 

Comparing the nutritional value, the bagels are slightly more nutritional than the donuts. However, the specific nutritional composition can vary based on the ingredients and serving size. 

2. Bagels vs Donuts Calories

The calories of a plain bagel can be anywhere between 270-500 calories, and a medium-sized plain bagel contains around 300-350 calories, which is almost similar to eating six slices of bread. 

Alternatively, donuts are smaller in size and contain fewer calories than a bagel. A plain donut consists of 190-300 calories, and a medium-sized donut comes in between 210-250 calories. 

Keep in mind that, the calories mentioned above are for the plain bagel and donut, and the numbers may vary based on the ingredients and size. 

3. Bagels vs Donuts Health

According to people’s perspective, a plain bagel can be considered a healthier choice due to its lower fat content and higher protein & sodium levels. Also, it is made with whole grain flour and boiled before baked. Yet, once you add toppings like jam, jelly, or butter, the benefits of health may disappear quickly. 

In contrast, plain donuts may contain fewer calories, but people eat more than one at a time to boost their energy. A donut has more sugar and fat than a bagel and it has to be deep fried for making it, which can be a concern for your health. 

So, when it comes to health, a plain bagel gets the top priority over a donut. However, it is better to consult with a health expert for a better understanding of the things. 

bagels vs donuts health

4. Bagels vs Donuts Texture

Bagels are known for their robust texture, density, and chewy nature due to their preparation method. It’s very savory and boiled before baked to enhance the chewiness of the bread. 

While donuts are known for their softness and sweet texture. It is much lighter compared to bagels and has to be fried. 

Bagel vs. Donuts: Which Is the Healthier Choice?

Bagels and Donuts are both considered the healthier options for breakfast, but when it comes to comparison, bagel takes the upper hand due to their low fat and sugar. Also, bagel contains carbohydrates and fiber, which can keep you full all day long and provide sufficient energy. 

Moreover, bagels are higher in protein than donuts, which can help you reduce high blood pressure, hunger, cravings, fat storage, and many other benefits. So, if you are looking for a healthier option, bagels are recommended over donuts. 

Are Bagels Just Baked Donuts?

No, Bagels are not only baked donuts. They undergo a distinct cooking process where they are first boiled in water and then baked to bring a chewy and crusty texture on the outside.

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