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The Magic Castle is a well-known clubhouse popular among magicians and magic enthusiasts located at 7001 Franklin Avenue Hollywood, California. Members of the clubhouse gain access to secrets for mastering magic and enjoy a delightful dining experience with great food offerings. 

The clubhouse operates for dinner daily from 05:00 PM to 01:00 AM. Moreover, on Saturdays and Sundays, it offers brunch from 10:00 AM to 03:00 PM and then reopens for dinner from 05:00 PM to 01:00 AM exclusively for members only. 

In this article, we won’t be discussing magic but rather focusing on the food menu that they offer to the members of the Magic Castle during dinner, brunch, and the special buffet options for children. 

Magic Castle Menu

The Magic Castle menu provides a comprehensive fine dining experience suitable for both adults and children. It offers various options for dinner, brunch, and buffet options for kids. All of the dishes are prepared with fresh premium ingredients that enhance the taste and flavor to a wholesome level. 

Magic Castle Dinner Menu

FRESH BURRATAwith grilled ciabatta bread, balsamic strawberry compote and basil purée$16
JUMBO SHRIMP COCKTAILhalf dozen shrimp, citrus cocktail sauce, horseradish$29
CRISPY EGGPLANT SPICY TUNAtempura eggplant, spicy aioli, wasabi tobiko, sweet soy sauce$24
substitute avocado for spicy tuna$20
ROASTED MUSHROOM FLATBREADvegan white sauce and parmesan, fresh basil, truffle oil$20
CARROT GINGER SOUPcrispy onions, chives$15
MAGIC CASTLE FAMOUS CHILIsour cream, cheddar cheese, red onion$14
LANE MANSION MIXED GREENSmixed greens, hothouse cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, sherry vinaigrette$16
CLASSIC CAESAR SALADhousemade croutons, parmesan, Spanish white anchovies$16
LITTLE GEM SALADroasted baby red beets, feta cheese, crushed pistachio, honey dijon vinaigrette$16
AMA WEDGE SALADbaby iceberg, bleu cheese, bacon crumbles, cherry tomatoes, bleu cheese dressing$16
LUMP CRABCAKESlemon remoulade, seagrass$28
FOUR CHEESE GARLIC BREADmozzarella, jack, white and yellow cheddar, on rustic baguette$16
HAMACHI CRUDO4oz hamachi sashimi, ginger garlic vinaigrette, avocado cream, crispy onions$24
BRUSSELS SPROUTSdried cranberries, hemp granola, maple vinaigrette$17
add bacon+$5
RIGATONI BOLOGNESEImpossible meat, tomato ragu, vegan mozzarella$45
GRILLED & CONFIT ARTICHOKESsundried tomato risotto, crumbled vegan feta, chives$45
ROASTED SPICED ITALIAN EGGPLANTbasil pesto rice pilaf, pinenut tomato relish, yogurt sauce$45
BLACK GARLIC & TRUFFLE BUCATINIforest mushrooms,vegan parmesan cream sauce, lemon zest$45
MILTON STYLElump crab meat, asparagus, bearnaise sauce$19
12oz SLOW ROASTED PRIME RIBau jus, choice of creamy or regular horseradish$60
8oz FILET MIGNONbordelaise sauce, roasted garlic bulb$58
8oz AUSTRALIAN WAGYU FLATIRONbordelaise sauce, roasted garlic bulb$62
14oz PRIME BONE-IN RIBEYEbordelaise sauce, roasted garlic bulb$84
32oz SHAREABLE PRIME TOMAHAWKbordelaise sauce, roasted garlic bulb$235
ACADEMY BEEF WELLINGTONbordelaise sauce, roasted garlic bulb$62
COLORADO RACK OF LAMBbordelaise sauce, roasted garlic bulb$58
CITRUS ROSEMARY HALF CHICKENcitrus beurre blanc sauce$49
CHILEAN SEA BASSmiso ginger-garlic sauce$59
SCOTTISH SALMONcitrus beurre blanc sauce$54
LOBSTER COBB SALADBaja lobster, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, bleu cheese, bacon, pickled red onions, cured egg yolks, and green goddess ranch dressing$48
MACARONI & CHEESEthree cheese fondue, shaved parmesan, toasted bread crumbs$16
add jumbo lump crab+$12
LOADED BAKED POTATObutter, sour cream, bacon, chives$16
SAUTEED MUSHROOMSshaved parmesan$16

The Magic Castle dinner menu is filled with a variety of dishes to provide you with a complete dining experience. It includes options for appetizers, soups & salads, entrees, toppers, and sides. 

In the appetizer section, the menu offers around eight types of dishes such as fresh burrata, lump crabcakes, jumbo shrimp cocktails, crispy eggplant spicy tuna, four cheese garlic bread, hamachi crudo, roasted mushroom flatbread, and brussels sprouts. 

Each appetizer dish is extremely delicious and comes in a small portion so that you can leave some space in your stomach for the main entrees. Try their lump crabcakes and crispy eggplant spicy tuna, recommended by most Magic Castle members. 

Alternatively, you can start with their soups and salad items if you are concerned about your diet. The dishes are highly nutritious and consist of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, which are good for your health as well as diet. The items include butternut squash & apple soup, classic Caesar salad, little gem salad, magic castle famous chili, Lane mansion mixed greens, and ama wedge salad. 

Moving onto their main entrees, each dish is a symbol of the chef’s culinary skills and expertise. The selection of these dishes in their dinner menu is very exclusive and premium. You would love every bite of it no matter which dish you choose for the main course. 

The entree dishes are slow-roasted prime rib, filet mignon, Australian wagyu Denver cut, prime bone-in ribeye, shareable prime tomahawk, academy beef Wellington, Colorado rack of lamb, citrus rosemary half chicken, Chilean sea bass, Scottish salmon, and lobster cobb salad.  

For vegetarians, they have some unique dishes prepared specially for them to enjoy for dinner, including rigatoni bolognese, roasted spiced Italian eggplant, black garlic & truffle bucatini, and grilled & confit artichokes. 

If you are sensitive to gluten, no need to worry as Magic Castle has included a bunch of options that are available in their dinner menu. You can choose items for appetizers, soups & salads, vegan & non-veg entrees, toppers, and even sides. The items that are marked as “GF” all come under gluten-free. 

To finish it off with the dinner menu, you have the option to enhance your satisfaction by selecting from a variety of toppings and sides according to your desire and preferences. 

Magic Castle Brunch Menu

MAGIC CASTLE SIGNATURE PRIME RIBRoasted Prime Rib, House Au Jus, Lemon Horseradish Crème Fraîche
SMOKED SCOTTISH SALMONRed Onion, Capers, Tomato, Lemon Wedges
SPICY TUNA POKEGinger Soy Dressing, Toasted Sesame, Wonton, Scallion
SHRIMP COCKTAILTito’s Atomic Cocktail Sauce
BELGIUM WAFFLESMaple Syrup, Whipped Cream
CLASSIC CAESARParmesan Croutons, House Dressing, Shaved Parmesan
MACARONI & CHEESECavatappi Pasta, Mornay Sauce, Panko Crumbs

The brunch menu of Magic Castle offers a wide variety of delicious dishes to kick off your day. From lighter options to hearty meals, there is something to satisfy every appetite. It is carefully designed in a way so that it can cater to all appetites, even children can find something delightful to enjoy from the menu. 

Talking about their lighter options, you can start with omelets as it is packed full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals that provide an instant boost of energy during brunch. Also, while choosing omelets, you can select your ingredients like ham, bacon, cheese, and spinach along with it. 

Moreover, the brunch menu of Magic Castle also offers seasonal salads, seasonal fresh fruits, and classic Caesar as nutritious options for individuals who prefer a balanced diet for starting their day. 

Other than that, the brunch menu has so many alternative lighter options for you to choose from such as Belgium waffles, garlic roasted vegetable pasta, fresh pastries, muffins & bagels, scrambled eggs, chicken sausage & applewood smoked bacon, and cookies, desserts & sweet bites.  

Moving to their hearty meal options, the menu offers some amazing tasty dishes that can surely please your appetite all the way around. 

If you are in love with seafood, the menu presents three delectable seafood dishes, which is perfect for fulfilling your cravings. The dishes are spicy tuna poke, shrimp cocktail, and smoked Scottish salmon. 

Try their “Smoked Scottish Salmon”, which is highly recommended by patrons for its rich taste and flavor, and the dish is perfectly garnished with fresh herbs like red onion, capers, tomato, and lemon wedges.

On the other hand, if seafood isn’t on your choice list, you can pick their “Prime Rib”, which is their signature dish. The meat is very tender, juicy, and flavorful, and slowly cooked to perfection to retain most of the juices. 

Magic Castle Kids Buffet

The kids’ buffet at Magic Castle promises to delight your little ones with a bunch of incredible meals that can surely bring smiles to their faces. With the freedom to enjoy unlimited food, the kids can satisfy their taste buds and appetites to the fullest and can make lasting memories in a glimpse of magic. 

The kids’ buffet includes items like chicken tenders, macaroni & cheese, cheese quesadillas, and tater tots. Besides, they have the option to customize their sundaes based on their preferences. Isn’t it great? 

What Are Magic Castle’s Hours of Operation?

The Magic Castle serves dinner in their Clubhouse every day from Monday to Sunday, starting at 05:00 PM until 01:00 AM. On Saturdays and Sundays, it also offers brunch from 10:00 AM to 03:00 PM, and later at 05:00 PM, it reopens for dinner. 

Below is the chart for Magic Castle’s hours of operation throughout the week. 

DaysOperating Hours
Saturday10:00 AM-03:00 PM (Brunch)05:00 PM-01:00 AM (Dinner)
Sunday10:00 AM-03:00 PM (Brunch)05:00 PM-01:00 AM (Dinner)
Monday05:00 PM-01:00 AM
Tuesday05:00 PM-01:00 AM
Wednesday05:00 PM-01:00 AM
Thursday05:00 PM-01:00 AM
Friday05:00 PM-01:00 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Magic Castle membership cost?

The membership cost for Magic Castle depends on two types of membership, which are Associate Member and Magician Member. 

Individuals over 21 years old who practice magic or claim themselves as a magician can apply for Magician membership, while non-magicians can only apply for Associate membership to enjoy its benefits and want to learn magic. 

The specific membership costs are kept confidential and can only be known by contacting Magic Castle via email at or by calling them at (323)-851-3313. EXT. 352.

Can I Go to Magic Castle Without a Membership?

Unfortunately, you cannot visit Magic Castle without a membership. You have to be a member as it is an exclusive private clubhouse for members of the Academy of Magical Arts. To get a membership, you can visit their official website, fill up the form, and apply to join. 

Is Photography Allowed in the Magic Castle?

No, photography isn’t allowed in the Magic Castle. All members of the Magic Castle should respect the rules and regulations that have been imposed to maintain the privacy of guests and performers. 

Important Links of Magic Castle

Official Website
Contact No(323)-851-3313

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