what kind of coffee does mcdonald’s use

What Kind of Coffee Does McDonald’s Use?

McDonald’s chooses coffee made from freshly ground 100% medium-roasted Arabica beans. These beans are quite popular and loved by customers for their sweet and smooth taste on the taste buds. Even though it comes at a higher cost than Robusta due to its premium quality and aroma. 

Additionally, McDonald’s only uses Arabica beans rather than Robusta beans because they are intended to provide customers with the best gourmet coffee experience and to make them familiar with the superior quality of coffee beans. 

What Kind of Coffee Beans Does McDonald’s Use?

According to McDonald’s official website, they ensure that all of the coffee beans used in their coffees are 100% responsibly sourced Arabica beans, which originated from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms located in Honduras, Peru, Columbia, and Brazil. 

Furthermore, most of the Arabica beans of McDonald’s are collected from Gaviña located in Vernon, California which are then used to produce the McCafe brand, available for purchase in McDonald’s local stores. 

What Kind of Coffee Does McDonald’s Use for Breakfast?

Mcdonald’s serves 100% Arabica coffee for breakfast, labeled as “Breakfast Blend”. It is roasted under lighter conditions to enhance its vibrant flavors, achieve a perfect balance, and offer a rich aroma to boost your energetic morning. 

The “Breakfast Blend” coffee from McDonald’s is available for purchase at all of its physical locations and online via their official website. 

what kind of coffee does mcdonald's use for breakfast

What Kind of Coffee Does McDonald’s Use for Iced Coffee?

McDonald’s uses 100% Arabica beans for their iced coffee, which is brewed twice with hot water to extract a bitter taste. It is available in four different flavors such as caramel, hazelnut, french vanilla, and sugar-free French vanilla. Also, you can get it without sugar or cream according to your preferences. 

Their iced coffee strikes a perfect balance of bitter flavors and sweet simple syrup, which is why they are the popular choice of customers. 

What Brand Coffee Does McDonald’s Use?

Based on the McDonald’s website, the primary brand of McDonald’s coffee beans is Gaviña, although they take some blends from Green Mountain, Newman’s Own, and Seattle’s Best. 

Gaviña is renowned for its exceptional coffee beans and is a leading exporter of gourmet coffee beans situated in Vernon, California. Mcdonald’s sources its coffee beans from Gaviña and markets them under the McCafe label, which is available in McDonald’s local stores.

Moreover, McDonald’s also procures coffee beans from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms in Honduras, Brazil, Columbia, and Peru. 

what brand coffee does mcdonald’s use

Can You Buy McDonald’s Coffee Beans?

Yes, you can buy McDonald’s coffee beans branded as McCafe. These beans are exclusively sold in McDonald’s outlets, as they are carefully blended and roasted according to their standards using 100% Rainforest certified Arabica beans. 

However, McDonald’s coffee is also available for home in various sizes such as K-cup pods, bags, and cans, which you can purchase from their official website by choosing a selection of seven varieties of coffees, including premium roast, breakfast blend, premium roast decaf, french roast, Colombian, french vanilla, and mocha collection. 

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