how to fry rice before cooking

How to Fry Rice Before Cooking?

Frying rice before cooking is a common practice in Asian cuisine to enhance the flavor, taste, and texture of it. Its golden brown color not only makes the dish lucrative but also increases the craving for it.

Moreover, pre-frying the rice decreases the cooking time process. In this guide, we will go through the overall cooking process of frying rice perfectly and understand its several benefits. 

How to Fry Rice Before Cooking? Step by Step

Before proceeding with the steps, you can consider choosing rice such as jasmine, basmati, or Carolina rice to get the best outcome. Here is a step-by-step guideline on how to fry rice before cooking.

Step 1: Begin by washing the rice with water thoroughly to get rid of extra starch, and keep it in a strainer to drain the water out. 

Step 2: Add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil for every cup of rice on a large frying pan or wok over medium-high heat. Heat the oil until it shimmers. 

Step 3: Add vegetables such as carrots, peas, bell peppers, or any kind of vegetables of your choice to the heated oil. Also, you can add some proteins like chicken, shrimp, tofu, etc. 

Step 4: Stir-fry the vegetables and proteins until they are cooked and if you want to enhance flavors, you can add some ginger and garlic. 

Step 5: Add the washed and drained rice to the pan, then mix it thoroughly with the vegetables and proteins using either a wooden spoon or a spatula. 

Step 6: Stir-fry the mixed rice for 5-6 minutes continuously. This will integrate the flavors and prevent the rice from sticking to the pan. 

Step 7: Put soy sauce all over the rice according to your taste preferences, and again stir-fry it for 2-3 minutes. 

Step 8: Finish frying your rice by adding some sesame oil to enrich its flavors for a pleasant nutty essence. 

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy the mouth-watering uncooked fried rice to satisfy your taste buds and appetite. You can also add eggs (optional) along with vegetables and protein to bring a more delectable taste and flavor. 

What Are the Benefits of Frying Rice Before Cooking?

The benefits of frying rice before cooking are outlined below. 

  • Frying rice before cooking brings a delicious nutty taste that makes it more flavorful and aromatic. 
  • The rice is already partially cooked due to the fried, so when you cook it later, it takes less time and can soak up water more quickly. 
  • When the rice is fried before cooking, it reduces the starch content from the rice and thus, makes it less sticky. 
  • Frying rice before cooking gives it a lightly toasted surface, which enhances the flavors of the additional ingredients that are used during cooking. 
  • Pre-frying the rice decreases the starch content from the grain, and it becomes chewy, dense texture, and slightly nutty taste. 
benefits of frying rice before cooking

Frequently Asked Questions

What Oil Should I Use for Frying Rice?

It is better to use neutral oil such as canola or refined peanut oil for frying rice because these oils have a high smoky point and it doesn’t change the flavor of the rice. However, vegetable oil, palm oil, or butter can also be used for frying rice. 

Do I Need to Rinse the Rice Before Frying?

Yes, rinsing the rice before frying will ensure cleanliness because it clears out the excess starch on the rice, dust, bugs, or any kind of chemicals.  

What Happens if I Skip Pre-frying the Rice?

When you skip the pre-frying rice, it will provide you with different flavors and textures than pre-frying the rice. Without pre-frying, the rice will be softer and stickier and ultimately you will not get the taste of fried rice. 

On the other hand, when rice is pre-fried it will have a slightly crispy texture and will give you a rice-like flavor. 

Why Is My Fried Rice Burning?

The fried rice may burn due to several reasons, which are provided below. 

  • The rice can stick and burn when there is insufficient oil in the pan. 
  • The moisture in the rice can cause it to stick and burn if the heat is too high.
  • Cooking the rice over high heat without stirring can lead to burning. 
  • Filling the pan with too much rice can result in uneven cooking, causing the rice to stick and burn. 

To avoid such problems in the future, it is recommended to follow the proper cooking process and use a non-stick pan to prevent the rice from sticking. 

why is my fried rice burning

Is It Better to Fry Rice Hot or Cold?

It is better to use cold rice or leftover rice instead of hot rice for frying because it tends to dry out a bit and then firm up, which makes a perfect texture for frying. Furthermore, cold rice crisps up more effectively in hot oil as it instantly toasts up when in contact.

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