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Frisch’s Breakfast Menu With Price (A Recommended Place for Breakfast Buffet)

Frisch’s Big Boy has become a favorite destination for visitors all across America because of the delicious food items on the breakfast menu. The breakfast items of Frisch’s Big Boy are mouth-watering, flavorful, and affordable.

The entire menu is filled with amazingly delicious breakfast food items such as eggs, sausages, meat, cheese, pancakes, wraps, and so much more. When it comes to starting your day with a stomach full of food and a heart full of joy, Frisch’s breakfast always delivers.

Breakfast remains incomplete for some without any fresh pancakes right off the grill and Frisch’s Big Boy accommodates these guests with its special pancakes like the  Pumpkin Pie Pancakes. For a bigger meal with pancakes, you can order the Three Pancakes and Meat Breakfast.

Breakfast sandwiches come in both buns and biscuits to cater to guests with different tastes. Try the Egg, Cheese, and Impossible Sausage biscuit to start off the day in the right way. Other sandwiches include Turkey Sausage, Cheese, And Egg Biscuit, Breakfast Boy, and Goetta, Cheese and Egg Biscuit.

The Breakfast wraps are not only delicious but also filled with protein and carbs necessary to boost you with the energy you will need to go on with your day. The special breakfast wraps come in different flavors like Sausage, Egg, Cheese & Hash Brown Burrito, Bacon, Egg, Cheese & Hash Brown Burrito, Hog Heaven Burritos, and so on.

Frisch’s Big Boy also has flavorsome omelets on the menu as well. Try their special Farmers’ Omelette, Western Omelette, or Ham & Cheese Omelette to start the morning properly.

Full breakfast meal combos are carefully designed to fill your stomach with delicious food and take care of your nutritional necessities. The breakfast bowl, Two Eggs & Meat Breakfast, and the Big Boy’s Big Breakfast are some of the bigger meals that will surely help you to properly kickstart your day.

You can also get some breakfast muffins to compliment the meal and the options are Mountain Berry Muffin and Banana Nut Muffin. For a healthier option, order the Avocado Toast with Eggs which is low in calories but rich in taste.

Other tasty breakfast items like Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Turkey Sausage, English Muffins, Biscuits, Hash Browns, Spicy Spuds, and many more are also available on the breakfast menu ready to be ordered and served hot and fresh.

Frisch’s Breakfast Menu With Price

Frisch’s Breakfast Menu

Menu Item Quantity Price
Big Boy’s Big Breakfast Three eggs any style, two pancakes, hash browns, toast and jelly with bacon, sausage, ham or turkey sausage $8.59
2 Eggs & Meat Breakfast Two eggs* any style, hash browns, toast and jelly with bacon, sausage, ham or turkey sausage $5.99
3 Pancakes & Meat Breakfast Served with bacon, sausage, ham or turkey sausage $5.39
2 Pancakes, 1 Egg & Meat Breakfast Served with one egg* and bacon, sausage, ham or turkey sausage. $5.39
French Toast & Meat Breakfast Served with bacon, sausage, ham or turkey sausage $4.99
1 Egg & Meat Breakfast One egg* any style, hash browns, toast and jelly with bacon, sausage, ham or turkey sausage $5.09
2 Eggs & Toast Two eggs* any style, toast and jelly $4.19
Breakfast Big Boy Combo $5.59
Hog Heaven Burrito Combo Bacon, sausage, egg, cheese and hash browns $3.94
Bacon Burrito Combo Bacon, egg, cheese and hash browns $3.24
Sausage Burrito Combo Sausage, egg, cheese and hash browns $3.24
Biscuit Sandwich Combo $2.24
Breakfast Sandwich Combo Your choice of breakfast meat with an egg on toast $3.39
Western Omelet Ham, onions and peppers, topped with cheese $7.69
Ham & Cheese Omelet $7.19
Farmers Omelet Tomatoes, ham, potatoes and onions, topped with cheese $7.69
Biscuits & Gravy $2.99
Breakfast Big Boy 1/4 lb. sausage with cheese, pickle, a fried egg, bacon and Frisch’s Original tartar Sauce on a double-decker bun $8.49
Hog Heaven Burrito $4.59
Bacon Burrito $3.99
Sausage Burrito $3.99
Biscuit Sandwich $2.79
Breakfast Sandwich $2.99
Protein Breakfast Sides $2.59
Breakfast Sides $2.09
Frisch’s Breakfast Omlete Menu

What are the Breakfast Hours at Frisch’s Big Boy?

Breakfast hours on weekdays are from 8 AM or when they open to 11 AM. On Saturdays, this is extended to 1 PM, and on Sundays, this is up to 2 PM. A chart detailing the breakfast hours is given below.

DayBreakfast StartsBreakfast Ends
Sunday8:00 AM2:00 PM
Monday8:00 AM11:00 AM
Tuesday8:00 AM11:00 AM
Wednesday8:00 AM11:00 AM
Thursday8:00 AM11:00 AM
Friday8:00 AM11:00 AM
Saturday8:00 AM1:00 PM

Frisch’s Food Serving Options

Outdoor seatingUnavailable
No-contact deliveryUnavailable

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is the Breakfast Buffet at Frisch’s Big Boy?

Frisch’s Big Boy’s Breakfast buffet is &8.89 for people over 10 years old.

What Time Does Frisch’s Big Boy Open?

Frisch’s Big Boy opens at 8 AM for most locations although some open as early as 7 AM. This time can vary from location to location.

Does Frisch’s Have a Patty Melt?

Yes, Frisch’s Big Boy serves a patty melt. The patty melt is cooked with a quarter-pound beef patty, grilled onions, and American and Swiss Cheese.

What Kind of Fish Does Frisch’s Big Boy Use?

Frisch’s Big Boy uses Cod Fillets.

What Is a Big Boy Slider?

Frisch’s Big Boy’s Big Boy Slider is a double-decker burger that comes with two beef patties, American Cheese, Pickles, and Frisch’s tartar sauce.

When Did Frisch’s Big Boy Open?

Frisch’s Big Boy opened the restaurant in 1946.

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