First Watch Lunch Menu

First Watch Lunch Menu (Perfect Place for Brunch)

First Watch has gained much fame over the years by serving its guests delicious brunch and lunch items made from seasonal fresh vegetables and well-sourced meat and eggs.

First Watch serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch from when they open shop for business at 7 AM and keeps on serving the guests till 2:30 PM.

First Watch is open for business all 7 days of the week and opening time and closing time is the same for every day, from 7 AM to 2:30 PM.

First Watch’s menu changes every season to include new and fresh vegetables in the cooking but some of the items on the menu remain unchanged.

The Seasonal menu includes dishes cooked using fresh seasonal produce and this menu contains food items like Sunny Seoul Hash, Steak and Bacon Breakfast Burrito, Cinnamon Chip Pancake Breakfast, Gingerbread Spice Donuts, Million Dollar Bacon, and Citrus Hibiscus Punch.

The juice bar is always open and serves fresh juice using all-natural ingredients. Guests have the option to choose from Morning Meditation Fresh Juice, Kale Tonic Fresh Juice, and Purple Haze.

Start your day with some refreshing iced coffee by choosing an item from the menu that includes not only Iced Coffee but also other flavors like Mint Mocha Iced Coffee, Honey Caramel Crunch Iced Coffee, and Cold Brew Coffee.

Health conscious about your nutrition and calorie intake in the early morning? Not to worry as First Watch has included various healthy food options in their menu including Avocado Toast, Healthy Turkey, A.M. Superfood Bowl, Sunrise Granola Bowl, Tri-Athlete, and so on.

And who can imagine a proper breakfast or brunch without some flavorful egg items? For those who want to start their day with some good protein, First Watch has your back with various options for egg items such as Chickichanga, Classic Benedict, Florentine Benedict, BLT Benedict, Smoked Salmon Benedict, Elevated Egg Sandwich, Parma Hash, and many more.

The flavorsome egg items do not stop there as they also serve various types of omelets to the guests as well. The omelet menu includes Bacado Omelet, Ham and Gruyere Omelet, Chile Chorizo Omelet, Morning Market Veg Omelet, The Works Omelet, Frittata Rustica, and so on.

Fresh and hot from the griddle are various types of Pancakes, waffles, and toast, ready to fill you up with delicious carbs and the energy you will need for the whole day. This menu consists of items like Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Belgian Waffle, French Toast, and Floridian French Toast.

The Power Bowls are made of delicious protein and carbs to power you up for the whole day and this menu has items like Power Breakfast Quinoa Bowl and Pesto Chicken Quinoa Bowl.

Various types of healthy salad options are available for those who are feeling conscious about their health. Salads like Superfood Kale Salad, Chicken Avocado Salad, and Cobb Salad will help you satisfy your food cravings while keeping you healthy.

First Watch is family-friendly and has a separate menu for the kids to enjoy filled with amazingly tasty items like Bacon and Egg, Chocolate Chip Pancake, Half Waffle, French Toast, Grilled Cheese, and many more.

First Watch Lunch Menu With Price

First Watch Lunch Menu


Items Calories Price
Elevated Egg Sandwich 1050 $11.99
Chickichanga 1190 $12.29
Turkey Sausage Gravy and Biscuits with Eggs 930 $11.29
Farm Stand Breakfast Tacos 970 $11.99
Parma Skillet Hash 1400 $12.99
Market Hash 1250 $12.99
Farmhouse Hash 1350 $12.99


Items Calories Price
BLTE Sandwich 1110 $10.99
Roast Beef & Havarti Sandwich 1000 $12.89
Monterey Club Sandwich 1000 $11.29
Market Veggie Sandwich 790 $10.89
Baja Turkey Burger 810 $10.99
Veggie Burger 610 $10.99
Ham & Gruyere Melt 830 $11.29
Chicken Salad Melt 600 $10.99
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The Healthier Side

Items Calories Price
Healthy Turkey 550 $11.79
Avocado Toast 640 $11.79
Sunrise Granola Bowl 930-1070 $9.99
Power Wrap 590 $10.29
AM Superfoods Bowl 960 $11.79
Tri-Athlete 500 $11.89

First Watch Food Serving Options

Kerbside pickupUnavailable
Outdoor seatingAvailable
No-contact deliveryAvailable

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Does First Watch Serve Lunch All Day?

No, First Watch Serve Lunch from 7 AM to 2:30 PM.

What Time Does First Watch Start Serving Lunch Menu?

First Watch starts serving the lunch menu at 7 AM when they open the shop.

What Time Does First Watch Stop Serving Lunch Menu?

First Watch stops serving the lunch menu at 2:30 PM.

Are There Vegetarian Options Available at First Watch?

Yes, there are vegetarian options available at First Watch. Talk to the staff for vegetarian or vegan options that are available on the menu.

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