Subway Breakfast Hours

Subway Breakfast Hours (Updated 2024)

Subway starts serving breakfast as soon as it opens which is 8:00 AM for most branches across America. Depending on the location, the time might vary slightly. Some locations open as early as 7:00 AM and some as late as 11:00 AM. Breakfast is available at Subway at all hours throughout the day.

When Did the Subway Start Serving Breakfast?

Subway first started serving breakfast in 2010 and has been serving breakfast ever since. The first item to be included in the breakfast menu was an omelet sandwich.

Do All Subway Locations Serve Breakfast?

Yes, all Subway locations all across the globe including the United States of America serve breakfast. The ingredients to make the breakfast sandwich are always available at the restaurant and they assemble the sandwiches fairly quickly.

When Does Subway Start Serving Breakfast?

Subway typically starts serving breakfast from 8:00 AM but this timing can vary depending on the location. Subway is franchise-owned meaning different shops are managed by different owners. This is why some shops might open or serve at different times but almost all of the shops will start serving breakfast pretty early in the morning.

Does Subway Serve Breakfast All Day?

Yes, Subway serves breakfast all day. Subway keeps all of the ingredients frozen and ready to be assembled as soon as customer orders. So even if it is late in the day, if a customer orders from the breakfast menu, they will prepare the sandwich.

Does Subway Serve Breakfast All Day

When Does Subway Stop Serving Breakfast?

Subway does not stop serving breakfast at any time of the day. You can order from the breakfast menu at any hour of the day and Subway will gladly prepare you the sandwich.

What Are the Subway Holiday Breakfast Hours?

Subway serves breakfast at the same time during holidays as they do during normal weekdays and the time remains the same. Subway serves breakfast the whole day starting from 8:00 AM on holidays.

What Is on the Subway Breakfast Menu?

There are usually five items on the breakfast menu of Subway. These are Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich, Black Forest Ham, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich, French Toast, and Omelet.

Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich is an all-time classic and the combination of crispy bacon, egg, melted cheese, and toasted flatbread gives you the proper start to your day.

Black Forest Ham, Egg, and Cheese sandwich will give you the savory taste of ham along with the fresh vegetables of your choice.

For a simple yet delicious meal, try the Egg and Cheese sandwich and get blown away with the amazing taste of a fluffy egg omelet and melted cheese on toasted flatbread.

Subway Breakfast Menu

Can I Order a Breakfast Sandwich on the Subway Lunch Hours?

Yes, you can order delicious breakfast sandwiches on the Subway during lunch hours. Subway breakfast sandwiches are available throughout the day across various locations in the United States. That means you can savor their breakfast sandwiches whenever you visit Subway for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

Subway offers only three types of breakfast sandwiches, which are bacon, egg & cheese sandwich, egg & cheese sandwich, and black forest ham, egg & cheese sandwich. 

Each sandwich boasts unique flavors and tastes that can tantalize your taste buds and appetite to the fullest. Moreover, the sandwiches are made of fresh high-quality ingredients in a soft flatbread, which is perfect for an on-the-go meal or dining.


Subway serves breakfast items all day long and it does not matter if you need a breakfast sandwich before work to get the day started or just get a sudden craving for some delicious breakfast in the middle of the day, Subway will always deliver.

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