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Keke’s Breakfast Menu, Hours, and Price (Explore Sunrise Delights)

Experience a delightful morning meal at Keke’s, which is renowned for its exceptional breakfast offerings. To enjoy their breakfast, you have to visit between 07:00 AM to 02:30 PM daily. 

Talking about Keke’s breakfast menu, you will find delectable morning choices such as waffles, pancakes, french toast, omelets, bowls, sides, and beverages. 

At Keke’s, you can kickstart your morning with six varieties of waffles, including chocolate chip, apple cinnamon, classic Belgian waffles, strawberry or blueberry, Florida, and chicken & waffles. Their waffles come with a delightful combination of crunchiness and sweetness for your taste buds. 

On the flip side, if you are not in the mood for waffles, Keke’s pancakes are an excellent choice to try. Pancakes come with the same flavors as waffles but the texture is soft and fluffy and contains lower sugar and fat. 

Keke’s breakfast menu also presents French toast with four distinct flavors such as banana caramel pecan, fresh fruit, apple cinnamon, and classic. These French toast are grilled to a golden brown perfection and topped with powdered sugar. 

Besides, you can try their stuffed French toast as well, which contains cream cheese and is topped with powdered sugar with a choice of filling. 

Need a perfect energy boost? Look through the omelets and eggs section on the menu. You can able to choose between seven different kinds of omelet dishes and five egg dishes. Among them, their eggs benedict, greek omelet, and egg & cheese sandwich are fans favorite. 

Other than that, many customers highly recommended trying their side dishes and bowls which come with wholesome taste and diverse flavors. 

Kids can also enjoy their morning meals with a dedicated menu featuring seven different dishes for them to choose from. 

Before you go, make sure to ease your stomach by choosing a comforting drink from their distinctive beverage section on the menu. The beverage section includes coffee & iced coffee, sodas, juices, milk, and many more. 

What Are the Breakfast Hours for Keke’s Throughout the Week? 

Below are the Keke’s breakfast hours during the week. 

DaysBreakfast Hour StartsBreakfast Hour Ends
Monday07:00 AM02:30 PM
Tuesday07:00 AM02:30 PM
Wednesday07:00 AM02:30 PM
Thursday07:00 AM02:30 PM
Friday07:00 AM02:30 PM
Saturday07:00 AM02:30 PM
Sunday07:00 AM02:30 PM

When Did Keke’s Start Breakfast?

Keke’s initiates its breakfast service from 07:00 AM every day in all of its branches across Florida, United States. 

What Time Does Keke’s End Serving Breakfast?

Keke’s breakfast service concludes at 02:30 PM each day at all of their locations around Florida, United States. 

Does Keke’s Serve Breakfast All Day?

Unfortunately, Keke’s doesn’t serve breakfast throughout the day. Their breakfast hour starts at 07:00 AM and ends at 02:30 PM daily. 

Keke’s Breakfast Menu


Golden brown, Belgian-style waffle with whipped cream available upon request.

Chocolate Chip380
Strawberry or Blueberry370
Classic Belgian Waffle210
Chicken + Waffles495
Banana PecanN/A
Granola Chocolate ChipN/A
Banana Chocolate ChipN/A
Banana Caramel PecanN/A


Chocolate Chip1400
Original Buttermilk880
Banana PecanN/A
Granola Chocolate ChipN/A
Banana Chocolate ChipN/A
Apple CinnamonN/A
Banana Caramel PecanN/A


Dish NameCaloriesServing Size
The Cafe Combo290/2101 Pancake or 1 French Toast
Keke’s Special210/590/4201 Waffle or 2 Pancakes or 2 French Toast


Dish NameCaloriesServing Size
All Combos145-180-130-15Two Extra Large Eggs (160 cal) or Home Fries or Toast and one item below: Bacon (145 cal) | Sausage (180 cal) | Half Ham Steak (130 cal) | Tomato Slices (15 cal)
SubstitutesFruit Cup, Small Oatmeal, or Small Sunshine Bowl


Dish NameCaloriesServing Size
Classic660topped with cinnamon
Apple-Cinnamon870cinnamon apples, sugar and cinnamon
Banana Caramel Pecan1120
Fresh Fruit880fresh strawberries, banana, blueberries and powdered sugar


Dish NameCaloriesServing Size
Raspberry or Blueberry870/670
Banana Caramel Pecan1120
Turtle1020pecans, caramel, chocolate


Dish NameCaloriesServing Size
Western550ham, onion, green pepper, cheddar cheese
Cheese Steak630steak, green pepper, onion, white American cheese
Ham & Cheese580ham, white American cheese
Sausage & Cheese710sliced sausage links, white American cheese
Southwest Omelet780tomato, onion, jalapeño & pepper jack cheese, petal sauce, salsa
Greek Omelet410fresh baby spinach, diced tomato, Athenos® feta cheese
Fajita740seasoned chicken breast, green pepper, onion, cheddar cheese, salsa


Dish NameCaloriesServing Size
The Classic Combo670-840eggs your way with home fries and choice toast or English muffin, 2 EGGS (670-760 cal) | 3 EGGS (750-840 cal)
Egg & Cheese Sandwich590-800served with home fries (590 cal) | sandwich only (210 cal)
Breakfast Wrap890-1060two eggs, three vegetables and cheese, served with home fries
Five Egg Whites490-670turkey bacon or turkey sausage with toast
Eggs Benedict800two poached eggs on an English muffin topped with Canadian bacon, hollandaise sauce & paprika, served with home fries


Dish NameCaloriesServing Size
Scrambler Bowl820-990two extra large eggs (your way), choice of three vegetables, and your choice of cheese on home fries with toast
Quaker Hot Oats450with sliced banana and English muffin
Fresh Fruit270-500strawberry, banana, blueberry, grape, orange
Sunshine Bowl460-790yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, honey


Dish NameCaloriesServing Size
Bacon or Turkey Bacon290/1804 strips
Sausage or Turkey Sausage360/2804 links
Grilled Ham Steak130-260Single (130 cal) | Double (260 cal)
English Muffin, Bagel, or Toast130-320white, wheat, rye, cinnamon raisin
Silver Dollar Pancakes90stacks of five
Home Fries280-620classic (280 cal) | add ham (490 cal) | add bacon (620 cal)


Dish NameCaloriesServing Size
Kid’s Combo Meal260one pancake, one scrambled egg, one bacon, and one sausage
Belgian Waffle210
French Toast Sticks490six dipping-size sticks with a side of syrup
Cheese Omelet & Toast600
Silver Dollar Pancakes45/220Add Hershey’s® milk chocolate chips
Cup of Vanilla Yogurt130
Strawberries & Banana140


Dish NameCaloriesServing Size
Coffee & Iced Coffee5ground fresh for every pot
Sodas0-270Coke • Diet Coke • Fruit Punch • Root Beer • Sprite • Lemonade
Iced tea0brewed daily
Hot Beverages0/210Hot Tea • Hot Chocolate
Juices60-280Orange • Apple • Cranberry • Tomato, 10 oz. ( 60-140 cal) or 20 oz. (120-280 cal)
Milk160-550Whole • 2% • Chocolate, 10 oz. (160-280 cal) or 20 oz. (330-550 cal)
Bottled Waters0Dasani | Aqua Panna

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Keke’s Have Gluten-Free Options for Breakfast?

Sadly, Keke’s doesn’t provide any gluten-free options for breakfast. However, they ensure that they can provide eggs and bacon without cross-contamination. It is advisable to ask their staff before ordering food and they surely will take the necessary measures accordingly. 

Does Keke’s Have Vegan Options for Breakfast?

Unfortunately, there is no information about vegan options available on Keke’s breakfast menu. You can ask their staff about your plant-based diet and they can prepare your food based on your necessities. 

Is Nutritional Information Available for Keke’s Breakfast Menu?

Yes, you can find nutritional information on Keke’s official website or visit their nearest shop for specific nutritional information about their foods for breakfast. 

Is Keke’s Breakfast Menu Available for Takeout or Delivery?

Yes, Keke’s breakfast menu is available for takeout or delivery. To place an order, you have to visit their official website, find the nearest store, and select whether you want takeout or delivery to your doorsteps. 

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