Bill Miller’s Breakfast Menu

Bill Miller’s Breakfast Menu With Prices (Updated 2024)

Bill Miller Restaurant offers a variety of options to its valued guests during breakfast. Guests can choose from classic American breakfast items made with bacon, sausages, eggs, cheese, and other fresh ingredients that are available for feasting in the morning.

Bill Miller starts serving breakfast at 7 AM on weekdays and 8 AM on weekends. Breakfast lasts until 10:30 AM on weekdays and 11:00 AM on weekends. Breakfast is not served after the specified time.

Bill Miller’s special breakfast gives you the perfect meal you need to start your day because it is filled with protein, carbs, fats, and other nutrients. Bill Miller’s Breakfast consists of your choice of sausage or bacon with scrambled eggs, hash browns, beans, and two tortillas.

Bill Miller also has a special cowboy breakfast which is served with biscuit, gravy, and three slices of bacon and this meal will not only fill you up for the morning but will also leave a great taste in your mouth.

You can also try the freshly baked biscuits served with gravy to get the taste of Southern delicacies.

The morning tacos options are wide and you can order separate tacos or you can get the special breakfast Taco box. The tacos menu consists of tacos of various flavors like bean and cheese, potato and egg, egg and cheese, bacon and egg, bacon and potato, bacon and bean, sausage and egg, sausage and potato, sausage and bean, sausage, brisket and egg, brisket and bean, brisket and potato, brisket, and carne guisada.

The taco box comes with three bean and cheese tacos, three potato and egg tacos, three, and three bacon and egg tacos along with your choice from three carne guisada, three brisket tacos, or three sausage and egg tacos.

The best thing about the tacos at Bill Miller is that they serve the tacos all day long meaning you can order the tacos from the breakfast menu even after breakfast hour is over.

Bill Miller also has a breakfast sandwich on the menu which is made with sausage, bacon, brisket, egg, and cheese.

You can also try the breakfast bowl which comes with your choice of sausage or bacon with scrambled eggs, hash browns, and beans.

Beverage options on the breakfast menu include orange juice, coffee, white milk, and chocolate milk.

Bill Miller’s Breakfast Menu

Item Price
(Choice of Sausage or Bacon with Scrambled Eggs, Hash Browns, Beans & 2 Tortillas)
(Biscuit & Gravy with 3 Slices of Bacon)
BISCUIT (Freshly Baked) $1.95
with gravy $2.30
GRIDDLE CAKES (Homemade Batter & Syrup) 3 To An Order $4.50
With Sausage or Bacon $6.85
(Choice of Sausage or Bacon with Scrambled Eggs, Hash Browns & Beans)
(Sausage, Bacon, or Brisket with Egg & Cheese)


Tacos Served All Day

Taco Price
Bean & Cheese $1.50
Potato & Egg $2.10
Egg & Cheese $1.85
Bacon & Egg $2.20
Bacon & Potato $1.85
Bacon & Bean $1.85
Sausage & Egg $3.25
Sausage & Potato $2.90
Sausage & Bean $2.90
Sausage Taco $2.20
Brisket Taco $2.80
Brisket & Egg $3.85
Brisket & Bean $3.50
Brisket & Potato $3.50
Carne Guisada $2.80



Taco Quantity
Bean & Cheese 3
Potato & Egg 3
Bacon & Egg 3
Taco Quantity Carne Guisada 3 Brisket 3 Sausage & Egg 3


Drink Price
Orange Juice $2.40
Coffee $2.30
Coffee Refills Up To 20oz $1.50
White Milk $1.20
Chocolate Milk $1.20

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Calories in a Bill Miller’s Breakfast Taco?

Bill Miller’s breakfast taco has approximately 300 calories.

Does Bill Miller Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, Bill Miller’s breakfast hours start at 10:30 AM on weekdays and 11:00 AM on weekends. However, the breakfast tacos are served all day.

Does Bill Miller Have Cream Corn?

Yes, Bill Miller has cream corn on the menu.

Does Bill Miller Have Soup?

Yes, Bill Miller has different types of soup on the menu.

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